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2002 Printer Processor Buyer's Guide

Colex CPK 32/25 DP. RA-4 processor for low volume digital imaging operations, with all the DP features, which make it ideal for intermediate digital photographic printer output. 32 inches in feed-width with transport speed of 25 inches per minute,to handle cut sheet feed as small as 5 x 7 and rolls up to 30 inches in width. [M, C, P, B, S, R, O]

Colex RTK 32/40 DP. RA-4 Paper processor handling sheets from 5 x 7 to 30 x 40/rolls to 30 inches wide; designed for the high volume output of mid size digital photo printers; incorporates special feed mechanism to insure straight feeding; enhanced replenishment system; oversized developer tank to maximize process uniformity; streakless finish air drying; integrated roll takeup. Ideal unit to handle the output from the ZBE Chromira, Durst Epsilon and Kodak Pegasus digital imagers.[M, C, P, B, R, O]

Colex DD67-180-C41. C-41 film processor for 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 11 x 14. Battery backup for controls, transport, burst and replenishment; PC controller with display showing all key functions on one screen, built-in infrared video camera/monitor; surface area based replenishment system for exact replenishment. Manufactured in the US with domestic content for easy replacement parts availability. Models also available for E6, E6 Push and Hold, B&W T-Max.

Colex RTFE-6-12-lO. E-6 film processor handling 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film 4 x 5 inches to 11 x 14 inches, long-roll & 9 inches wide roll film. Tough processor suitable for long roll processing; push-and-hold system available; submerged racks and washing crossover rollers minimize crystallization and oxidation; staggered rack roller (non-opposing) design gentle on film, minimizes scratching or abrasion marks. [C, P, B, O, M]

Colex Colette Pro Black&White/ CPBW 26 inches. B&W paper processor handling sheets to 20 x 24; rolls to 24 inches wide. Low chemical volume and compact size; infrared dryer for superior finish; microprocessor controlled operations including replenishment. 90 second dry to dry time. [M, C, P, W, O]

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Durst Lambda 130/131 Large Format Digital Laser Imager. Outputs to RA-4 photographic materials: 20-50 inches wide up to 264 ft. long paper lengths.; 200/400 switchable resolution; five position media turret (130) for high productivity; multiple print functions; on the fly changes in print size, color and contrast, high output speed. Output speed of 24 inches per minute or 6000 sq. ft. an hour. Ideal for high volume point of purchase (POP) displays, tradeshow/exhibitions, and fine art reproductions. Great for backlit illuminated displays. All Durst Lambda printers have a Cheetah RIP by DDA and support a variety of file formats, including jpeg, tiff, and EPS. Compaq XP 1000 workstation.

Durst Lambda Pi50 Large Format Digital Laser Imager. Modified version of the 130, prints on media 20-50 inches wide up to 90 feet in length; 200/400 dpi; single beam/ three color RGB laser. Single paper turret with take up tray, upgradeable to 130 with addition of five position/automatic paper take-up system. Output speed of 12 inches a minute or 3000 sq. ft./hr.. Compaq XP 600 workstation.

Durst Lambda 76 Medium Format Digital Laser Imager. Uses RA-4 photographic materials 8-32 inches to unlimited length at 24 inches a minute. Single beam, three color RGB laser; 200/400 dpi resolution; multiple print function. Compaq XP 1000 workstation

Durst Epsilon 30. Images via fiber optic and three color semiconductor LED's; images onto digital photographic media up to 80 8 x 10's/hr. up to 30 inches by 100 feet at 254 dpi (continuous tone). Single roll system - on paper up to 100 feet in length. Compaq deskpro 700 workstation.

Kodak Professional RP 30 Laser Printer. Roll-to-processor provides 400-dpi resolution and accepts up to 30cm (12-inch) paper, vs. 20.3cm (10-inch) paper. Produces 500 8 x 10-inch prints per hour and accommodates 11 x 14-inch formats for the U.S. market and 12 x 18-inch formats for other parts of the world. [M, C, P, B, O]

Kodak Professional RP 50 LED Printer (formerly LED II Printer). Accommodates paper roll sizes from 10 inches to 20 inches, to 574 ft. long; roll-to-roll or roll-fed with cut-sheet processed output via integral paper processor; 250 ppi print resolution. [M, C, P, B, O]

Kodak Professional ML-500 Digital Photo Print System. Digitally prints standard print sizes up to 8 x 10 as well as longer prints and banners up to 8.5 in. wide; prints are laminated in a choice of matte or gloss finishes in 13 seconds, as many as 270 8 x 10-inch prints per hour, and more than 500 5 x 7-inch prints per hour. 500 ft. paper roll and ribbons enable non-stop, unattended operation for two hours. [M, C, P, B, O]

Kodak Professional 8660 Thermal Printer. Produces 5 x 7-inch or 8 x 10 inch laminated prints in just over a minute. With Kodak Professional Ektatherm Xtralife Matte Three-Color Ribbon, the 8660 printer delivers matte finish output. [M, C, P, B, O]