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2002 Printer Processor Buyer's Guide

ColorFlex ProShots Printer model CMF7. A through G crops wedding printer handling 35mm to 70mm film. Print size from 11 x 14 through wallets, including all square sizes. Automatic cropping riser block, automatic film drives handle film sizes 35, 46, 120, and 70, rotation of film in relationship to the optical axis enables tilting of the negative. [P]

ColorFlex Sports Printer model CMF-SPORTS. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film sizes. High-speed, production of specialty prints for sports and greeting cards. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format Printer model CMF. Package printer. Handles 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Standard package printer offers labs versatility and speed; engineered with modular design. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format APS Printer model CMF-APS. Package printer handling 35mm and APS. Automatic production of package and multiple print sizes; on-board video analyzer for color control and negative composition; Hicks APS film gate handles all APS film formats. [P, W]

ColorFlex CP2 Package Printer model CP2. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Accepts interchangeable lens decks, crops A through H; automatic or manual operation; stand-alone or network operation; performs with the latest computer technology [P]

219-272-4773; fax: 219-272-4752;;
Photographic Contact Printers. Wide range, from continuous-tone to ultra high resolution (over Res 120), in color/b&w up to 24 x 30 inches contact area; models for cut sheet materials and roll-feed available, with speeds over 2000 contacts/hr. [C, P, B, S]

410-943-1100; fax: 410-943-1200;;
Perfecta Digital Ready paper processor. For RA-4, b&w, R-3 sheets & rolls up to 80 inches wide and 500ft. Throughput to 104 inches/min. Compatible with Kodak's inchesDay/Night Digital Display Material inches. (C ,P, W, B, R)

DLX with blackout protection. Dip&dunk film processor for all film types and processes incl. E-6, b&w and C-41. Uninterruptible Power Supply available to protect against power outages. (C, B, W, B)

PRO-ESP Digital Ready. Energy saving, low volume paper processor for RA-4, b&w. Compact design for limited space requirements (M, L, B, R)

Performa High Volume Film. Dip&dunk film processor for all film types and processes. Sheets to 20 x 24. Max. E-6 capacity: 210Rls/Hr of 220 and 450 sheets/hr of 4 x 5. (C, P, W)

503-643-5567; fax: 503-643-1999;; www.wing
Wing-Lynch P500/500T Film Processor. Newest addition to the Wing-Lynch rotary tube processor family, hand pour the process of your choice. Process up to 4 rolls 35mm, 2 rolls 120/220 or 4 sheets of 4 x 5; comes with a spindle or use your existing tube sets from other WL processors.