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2002 Printer Processor Buyer's Guide

QSS-2701 Digital. Fully digital minilab equipped with a high speed film scanner and digital printing system that offers digital processing of data from multiple image sources including 35mm, IX240, 120 film (negative and positive), floppy disks, MO disk, CD-ROMS, Zip disks and digital cameras. M, L, D]

QSS-2711 DLS Digital Lab System. Digital minilab; small footprint/modular design; Kodak DLS software provides means to enhance/output/distribute/display/store/access photos from any capture source; speeds to 1,250 3.5 x 5 inch prints/hr.; prints mixed 135 full/panorama & IX240 C/H/P film in a single pass; enlargements to 12 x 18 inches. [M, L, D]

QSS-2802 Series. The QSS-2800 high capacity series comes with specifications that surpass any digital lab in today's market and will be the key to entering a world of new and increased digital services. Employing Texas Instrument's revolutionary DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, Noritsu Koki and Texas Instruments have jointly developed a state-of-the-art print exposure engine. DLP is a DMD (Digital Micromirror Device)-based technology that employs digital control coupled with a DMD element. The integration of 1.3 million 16 micron square metal mirrors onto a single chip is the basis for a unique light source controlled by the switching on and off of each individual mirror. The resultant reduction in light loss enables vivid digital photos to be output onto standard silver halide paper. The QSS-2801 and QSS-2802 Digital come equipped with a high speed film scanner and a high specification digital print system. [M, L, D]

QSS-2901 Fully Digital Minilab. The QSS-2901 Digital converts all scanned images into digital data for output. Lab owners have the option to utilize features when necessary to correct contrast, sharpness, red-eye, and problems with exposure, backlit scenes and flash photography. When the Digital ICE feature is applied, dust and scratches on negatives will be automatically detected and then corrected. This fully-digital minilab comes equipped with a high speed film scanner and a high specification digital printing system that provide speedy digital processing of data from multiple image sources. [M, L, D]

800-441-4788; fax: 408-232 4100;
LightJet 430. 50 inch large format photo printer provides continuous-tone printing with apparent 4,000 dpi output. Print speed up to 430 sq. ft./hr. Images directly onto popular reflective and backlit display materials. Winner DIMA Shoot-Out 2001 and DPI Product of the Year. $139,900.

410-374-3250 / 800-777-6634; fax: 410-374-3184 / 800-700-4464;;
King Concept RP 2001. C-41/E-6/b&w film/paper processor handling 35mm, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 16 x 20, 46mm, disc, 35mm x 25 ft., 70mm x 15 ft.. 50 processing programs; no preheating of chemistry needed; calculates and measures precise amount of chemistry needed for quick/even distribution; one cold water hookup needed. [M, L, C, P, W]

858-798-7800; fax: 858-798-7801;;
Phogenix Imaging DFX Digital Minilab. A full-featured digital minilab. Uses commercial thermal inkjet technology to produce high quality, long lasting prints. In addition to standard order fulfillment, DFX produces mixed and digital orders for one-hour fulfillment of high-value products such as custom print packages, specialty sizes up to 12 inches by 18 inches posters, calendars, greeting cards, and CD-ROMs. Allows retailers to capitalize on current consumer demand for convenient digital services with a scalable system that can grow in line with expanding consumer demand. [M, L, D]

Phogenix Imaging 1-Touch Film Processor/Scanner. The optional 1-Touch integrated film processor/scanner, launching in Fall 2002. Easy, streamlined processing and digitization of film, allowing end-to-end processing and DFX printing with no operator intervention. [M, L, D]

609-396-1456; fax: 609-396-9395;;
Super Sidekick Film processor. C-41/E-6/b&w, 35mm, 126, 120/220, sheet film. Daylight operation; no warmup-always ready; no plumbing; operator never touches any chemicals; protects film from operator errors; user programmable, self-diagnostic. In house leasing now available. [M, C]

810-733-6191; fax: 810-733-6519;;