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New Scanners Offer Ways to 'Make Film Digitally'

Sony's UY-S90 film scanner provides retailers with a fast, automated platform to digitize uncut rolls of 35mm or APS rolls of negative, transparency or B&W film.

The UY-S90 is the successor to the UY-S77 film scanner, which set the benchmark for high speed, high quality and cost-effective scanning for retail. The UY-S90 raises that benchmark with faster scan times, a true SCSI 2 interface, and the ability to match film scan file names with the film frame code.

One of the most important features of the UY-S90 is the flexibility to easily choose the scanning resolution. There are four resolutions available including 2,048 x 3,072 pixels. This higher scanning resolution with Sony's advanced color management and automatic film density correction gives the retailer the ability to offer the consumer a high quality digital service within a one-hour window at a price the retailer can afford.

In addition to the UY-S90, Sony now offers the UY-S100, the successor to the successor. Though it offers many of the same features and benefits, the UY-S100 boasts faster scan times and higher quality, while maintaining a low cost for retail.

Labs need to succomb to the peer pressure and get a scanner in order to offer digital services to their customers.