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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

TecnoLab Tecno Micro Leaderbelt Paper Processors. RA-4, R-3 BW or Ilfochrome capability; widths from 12 to 39 inches; speeds up to 17.5 feet per minute; roll capacity up to 1150 feet. Custom configurations available. [M, C, P, O]

Konica Photo Imaging
201-574-4000/800-285-6422; fax: 201-574-4010;;
Konica NPS 878J System. C-41/b&w minilab handling 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220 and digital-roll paper to 575'. Up to 2300 prints/hr; uses Ecojet chemistry; products wallet to 10"x15" photos; DHS scanner for exceptional first-run yield; optional digital print unit for index prints. [M, L, C, P, W, B, D]

Konica QD-21 Plus. C-41/E-6/b&w minilab handling 35mm, APS, 110, digital flash cards, CD-ROM, floppy disk-roll paper to 575'. 1200 to1800 prints/hr; allows consumers to create postcards, flyers, calendars, etc. from a kiosk; full system occupies 17 sq. feet; uses EcoJet chemistry; employs Konica Hyper Color Management system to provide color manipulation via automatic under/over-exposure system; new computer station/terminal enhances output capabilities. [M, L, C, P, W, B, D]

Kreonite Inc.
316-263-1111/800-835-1032; fax: 316-263-6829;;
KM4. Processors optimized for digital applications—paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 575'. Computer control of processing parameters for highest accuracy/reliability; 6 widths from 20" to 85"; simultaneously processes rolls and sheets; modular design; UL & CE certified. [C, P, R]

HPM. Paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 275'. Time proven Hope hard roller transports; available in 20", 32" & 53" widths; computer control; modular design; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

PM2. Paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 275'. Available in 20", 31" & 52" widths; computer controlled; dryer and wash water energy saver; infrared replenishment; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

KPL. C-41/E-6/b&w dip&dunk film processor for 35mm, 120/220, sheet film to 11x14. Computerized control with energy saving standby; transport system designed to eliminate rack swing; standard push/pull capability; modular construction; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

HPF. C-41/E-6/b&w AE5/AN6 film processor for 35mm, 120/220, sheet film. Available in 5" & 11" widths; time-proven Hope film transports; precision computer control; infrared replenishment. [C, P]

Eikona. Digital Printing system, standard photographic papers are exposed via a Liquid Crystal Panel projecting arrays of seamless square pixels, 'knitted' together to produce razor-sharp, continuous tone prints. Creating prints from 3.5 x 5 up to 12 x 18 inches, using patented technology. May be configured for RA-4 or B & W print operation. Production rate for finished cut prints is 320 12 x 18 prints per hour. Processing is accomplished at 100 inches per minute. Operating on Windows 2000, using exclusive RIP and custom imaging software, these systems may be used as comprehensive workstations or networked for expanded production benefits. [C, P, B, S]

Linear Processors
219-282-1940; fax: 219-282-1938;
Photon Superlab. C-41/RA-4 minilab for 126, 135, 120 film/3x5, 4x6, 5x7 paper; film speed: 29 135-24 rolls/hr; paper speed: 920 3x5 prints/hr. Ease of operation, CPU controls; compact design; large chemical tank capacity; no plumbing required; cost effective.

C-series linear processors. C-41/b&w/E-6 compact tabletop dip&dunk film processor for rollfilm (120, 135, 220) and sheet film (4x5, 5x7). 1.5 gallon tanks; speed: 15 4x5 sheets per hr./18 135 rolls per hr.; programmable features; low maintenance.