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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

Lucht Digital Package Cutter. Cuts prints from 10" and 11" rolls in both directions delivering ready to ship prints. It works with either the Lucht package punch marker or a front bar code between prints. [P,S]

Lucht Long Roll Print Inspection Station. Allows variable speed viewing of prints with roll sizes up to 11". An optional light stand and backprinter viewer are available. [P,W,S,D]

Jobo Fototechnic
734-677-6989/800-664-0344; fax: 734-677-6963;;
Jobo PrintLab Paper Processor. RA-4/b&w—models 3503/3503R/3504 are 13" roller transport processors with 5-liter solution baths; automatic replenishment; built-in wash water heater; even automatic self-cleaning cycles available depending on model. [M, C, P, S]

Jobo CPE/CPA/CPP Manual Rotary Processors. C-41/E-6/b&w film/paper processor—35mm, APS, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 16x20 and paper sizes to 20x24. Temperature-controlled water bath; versatile: change process easily; with drum loaded, daylight operation possible; continuous agitation/variable speeds. [M, C, P]

Jobo Autolab ATL-1500. C-41/E-6/b&w/RA-4 film/paper processor—35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film (4x5), 70mm. Small size; versatile; portable—can be used on location (e.g., in an RV, etc.); high-quality results with perfectly maintained time/temperature/agitation. [M, L, C, P, B, O]

Jobo Autolabs ATL-22/23/24/2500-series. C-41/E-6/b&w film/paper processor—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 16x20, paper to 20x24. All variables maintained perfectly; versatile in film and paper handling; develops sheet film in Jobo Expert drums. [M, C, P, O]

Tecnolab Dip & Dunk. C-41/E-6/b&w film processor—35mm, 126, 110, 120/220/sheet film to 16x20. Full battery backup; compact single and double-lift machines available for low volume use; capacities up to 540 rolls per hour, full control of the processor from a single LCD screen; push/pull programming in 1-second increments, custom configurations available. [M, C, P, B]

Fujimoto CP31 Roller Transport Processor. RA-4, b&w, Ilfochrome paper processor handling 3.25" x 4.25" to 12x16 sizes. Small size; fast/easy cleanup; high-quality construction; optional replenishment. [M, C, P, O]

Fujimoto CP51 Roller Transport Processor. RA-4/b&w paper processor - 3x4 to 20x30. Small size; fast/easy cleanup; high-quality construction. [M, C, P, O]

Durst Printo Paper Processor. For RA-4/b&w/R-3000/Ilfochrome, handling 12" paper. Modular construction: build the processor up from a basic 3-tank module, basic plus 5 module or dry-to-dry 7 module system; low maintenance; low 2.5 liter tank capacity. [M, C, P, B]

Durst Printo XL Paper Processor. RA-4/b&w, 20"x30" paper. Microprocessor controlled; modular construction: wash-dry and replenishment module can be added for a high-performance, fully automated system; 5-liter tank volume; variable speed/temperature. [M, L, C, P, B]

Jobo Autolab ATL 500/800. Compact table top film processors for E-6, C-41, BW. APS, 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5 film sizes. User programmable processing times. [M, C, P, O]

Omnia Roller Transport Paper Processors. Precision high capacity RA-4, BW, R-3 processors. Available in 33, 55 and 80 inches widths and transport speeds of 31 or 47" per minute. Compatible with digital output. [M, C, P, O]