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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

Refrema Continuous Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w/Kodachrome handling 16mm through 70mm film formats. Single and dual-strand configurations; range: 8'/min to 110'/min; longer profile racks and dryer transports minimize film stress; final exit vacuum squeegee system; humidity and heat controlled dryer; unique tension-control drive system. [C, P]

GPE Leaderbelt Processor. RA-4/b&w paper processor for 35mm contact prints through 30" widths. Single and twin configurations available; range: 21'/min to 130'/min; special process configurations available; energy saving; PC-based or PLC controls; turbine or pump replenishment system available. [P]

Houston Fearless
520-782-3677/800-757-2213; fax: 520-343-9743;;
Mini ColorMaster. C-41 film processor (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, all sizes to 70mm. Multiple formats at 2.5 fpm for low volume C-41 processing; 35mm dual lanes at twice the capacity; daylight operation; completely self-contained; easy installation & operation. [C, O]

Advanced ColorMaster. C-41 film processor (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110 formats. Daylight operation/magazine load; compact design; stainless steel construction; C-41 process at 14, 21, 28 or 35 fpm; E-6 process at 3, 7.5, 11, 15 or 18 fpm. [C, P, B, O]

"S" Model Film Processor. C-41 (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, all formats to 70mm. Multiple format serpentine transport; single line or duplex models, 4, 6 or 13 fpm per lane; duplex model has separate drive systems for independent operation. [C, P, S, O]

High Volume Film Processors. C-41 (E-6/b&w/Kodachrome also available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110. Wide range of operating speeds; single line or duplex models; new drive system with all top rollers submerged throughout SST wet sections; duplex models feature independent transport systems. [C, P, W, O]

Leader Belt Paper Processors. Multiple lane configurations up to 6 lanes; processing speeds from 7.5 to 98 fpm per lane; all widths up to 20". SST construction throughout wet sections. Custom designs for larger paper sizes and special processing requirements. [C, P, W, S, O]

201-265-6000; fax: 201-265-0894;
Ilfolab 2150 RC Table-Top Processor. Paper processor handles roll paper to 5" wide, and cut sheets to 20" wide. Exclusive infrared dryer; automatic chemical dilution; auto standby; space-efficient tabletop design. [M, C, P]

2650 RC Black & White Paper Processor. Handles roll paper to 6" wide, and cut sheets to 20" wide. Patented infrared dryer technology; automatic replenishment; audible warnings; 7-day timer; digital controls. [C, P, W, B]

952-942-4190; fax: 952-942-4191;
VP2. Lucht's original, fully automatic, package printer, designed for the professional color lab, school finisher or store finisher. It can print a 5unit package in approximately 13 to 14 seconds. It employs interchangeable optic drawers, and will accommodate all professional film sizes, up to and including 70mm. Using cluster lenses, the printer will print subwallets to 11 x 14, on all formats. All operator commands are entered on the controller keyboard. Pneumatic air cylinders drive the lenses smoothly, rotating the negatives as needed. Split formats and tests are accomplished with the push of a button. [P,S]

V7. An automatic printer, designed primarily for wedding work. It enhances productivity in labs offering multiple negative formats and multiple size prints. Its lens cabinet contains seven complete sets of lenses (wallets through 11 x 14, from 35mm to 6 x 7), and square formats from medium to 120 crops. The lens decks are stored on a rotating carousel, ready for use. To change from one negative format to the next, the operator simply changes the negative cropping plate. If you print from cut negatives mounted on aperture cards, you'll want IntelliCard-2. It's the automated system that increases productivity and decreases turn around time. Intellicard-2, an optional accessory for the VP-2, V-7 and Kodak PMP printers, more than doubles machine productivity in most applications compared to manual printer operation. Labor productivity improves even more dramatically since one operator can oversee the operation of more than one printer. The IntelliCard-2 system has been designed for high-quality professional lab standards. It links with your lab's production control system to print automatically. Intellicard-2 reads the barcode on the aperture card and delivers the carded negative to the exposure gate. The computer system transfers the printing instructions for the negative automatically to the printer. The printer makes the required prints, and IntelliCard-2 sends the negative to the exit bin, stacking in it original order. [P,S]

Lucht SportsPak/Twin Drive. A fully automatic printer designed for the school finisher or store promotion finisher. This fastcycling, highproduction machine employs two complete sets of lenses, one driven from the right side of the printer and one from the left. Any two professional formats, with print sizes from subwallets to 11 x 14, may be used. All operator commands are entered through a central keyboard. Pneumatic air cylinders drive the lenses, rotating the negatives as needed. Split formats and tests are accomplished, with the push of a button. [P,S]