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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

Colex/Poli Cropping Video Lab 20x30". C-41 (configurable for type R) custom printer/processor— 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film to 4x5". On-screen cropping/sizing; density/color adjustments for one shot printing (direct video analyzation); processor diverter system available—enables printing more than one process on printer; VCNA mode; backwriting system for prints and negative bags. Model also available in 30x40" [M, C, P, W, S, O]

Colex RTK-55/60 DP. RA-4 paper processor handling sheets from 5x7 to 40x60"/rolls to 50" wide. Specifically designed for digital output from digital photographic printers (Durst Lambda, and Gretag LightJet); special mechanism to insure straight feeding; enhanced replenishment system, robust recirculation system and oversized developer tank to maximize processing uniformity; IR assited dryer for streakless finish; high-speed processing with paper transport speed of 60 ipm and transparency processing at 25 ipm. [C, B, R, O]

Colex CPK 32/25 DP. RA-4 processor for low volume digital imaging operations, with all the DP features, which make it ideal for intermediate digital photographic printer output. 32 inches in feed-width with transport speed of 25 inches per minute,to handle cut sheet feed as small as 5x7 and rolls up to 30 inches in width. [M, C, P, B, S, R, O]

Colex RTK 32/40 DP. RA-4 Paper processor handling sheets from 5x7 to 30x40/rolls to 30" wide; designed for the high volume output of midsize digital photo printers; incorporates special feed mechanism to insure straight feeding; enhanced replenishment system; over sized developertank to maximize process uniformity; streakless finish air drying; integrated roll takeup. [M, C, P, B, R, O]

Colex DD67-180-C41. C-41 film processor for 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 11x14. Battery backup for controls, transport, burst and replenishment; PC controller with display showing all key functions on one screen, built-in infrared video camera/monitor; surface area based replenishment system for exact replenishment. Manufactured in the US with domestic content for easy replacement parts availability. Models also available for E6, E6 Push and Hold, B&W T-Max.

Colex RTFE-6-12-lO. E-6 film processor handling 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film 4x5" to 11x14", long-roll & 9" wide roll film. Tough processor suitable for long roll processing; push-and-hold system available; submerged racks and washing crossover rollers minimize crystallization and oxidation; staggered rack roller (non-opposing) design—gentle on film, minimizes scratching or abrasion marks. [C, P, B, O, M]

Colex Colette Pro Black&White/ CPBW 26". B&W paper processor handling sheets to 20x24; rolls to 24" wide. Low chemical volume and compact size; infrared dryer for superior finish; microprocessor-controlled operations including replenishment. 90 second dry to dry time. [M, C, P, W, O]

Eastman Kodak
Kodak Professional DryView 8100 Laser Imaging System. The new DryView 8100 Laser Imaging System provides 14 x 17 in. output at a throughput rate of 55 films per hour. Kodak offers the DryView 8100 Laser Imaging System in two configurations: A direct-connection configuration enables customers to print images directly from virtually all 14 x 17 in. modalities.

Kodak CRT Digital Color Printer II. Digitally prints image files onto Kodak Professional Digital Paper, Type 2976; accommodates 3.5", 4", 4.75", 5", and 6" paper widths in lengths up to 575 feet; burst rates with Portra Paper are 400 4R prints/hr, 350 5R prints/hr.

Kodak Digital Science LF CRT Color Printer. Digitally prints image files (up to 18 MB—2Kx3K) onto Kodak Professional Digital Paper, Type 2976; patented CRT design offers fine grain without raster lines; up to 350 8x10 prints/hr in burst mode; produces 300 8x10 prints/hr using discrete image files; portraits to 11x14; compatible with traditional printing operations (roll-to-roll configuration, cut/order sort, automatic mask adjustment, etc).

Kodak LED Digital Color Printer. Digitally prints image files (up to 120MB) onto Kodak Professional Digital Paper, Type 2976; proprietary LED printhead exposes every pixel for exceptionally high-quality portrait and commercial prints (excellent sharpness, minimal flare); 100 8x10 prints/hr (workflow/system dependent); prints to 20x33. Exceptional color reproduction; provides cut/order punch (roll-to-roll configuration only).

LED II Printer. Accommodates paper roll sizes from 10 to 20", to 574 ft. long; roll-to-roll or roll-fed with cut-sheet processed output via integral paper processor; 250 ppi print resolution.

Digital Multiprinter. Workstation-dependent printer capable of 600 multiple 8x10 prints/hr; up to 500 dpi print resolution.

Durst Lambda 130 Printer. Digitally prints files onto standard Kodak photographic paper or display materials at 200 or 400 ppi, up to any length and 50" wide; unit runs at 12"/min.