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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

SCR 35/70. Package printer prints from 35mm to 6x7; print sizes from 3.5 x 5 to 11x14, wallet & sub-wallet. Options include trading card attachment; cut negative carrier; strip film carrier; long roll carrier; sheet paper easel; roll paper easel; digital controller; combination print masking assembly. [M, C, P, W, S]

Stouffer Photo Equipment
219-272-4773; fax: 219-272-4752;;
Photographic Contact Printers. Wide range, from continuous-tone to ultra-high resolution (over Res 120), in color/b&w up to 24x30" contact area; models for cut sheet materials and roll-feed available, with speeds over 2000 contacts/hr. [C, P, B, S]

TruTrak Imaging
410-943-1100; fax: 410-943-1200;;
Perfecta Digital Ready paper processor for RA-4,B&W,R-3 sheets & rolls up to 80" wide and 500ft. Throughput to 104"/min. (C ,P, W, B, R)

DLX with blackout protection dip&dunk film processor for all film types and processes incl. E-6, B&W and C-41. Uninterruptible Power Supply available to protect against power outages. (C, B, W, B)

PRO-ESP Digital Ready Energy saving, low volume paper processor for RA-4, B&W Compact design for limited space requirements (M, L, B, R)

Performa High Volume Film dip&dunk film processor for all film types and processes. Sheets to 20x24. Max. E-6 capacity: 210Rls/Hr of 220 and 450sheets/hr of 4X5. (C, P, W)

503-643-5567; fax: 503-643-1999;;
Wing-Lynch P500/500T Film Processor. Newest addition to the Wing-Lynch rotary tube processor family, hand pour the process of your choice. Process up to 4 rolls 35mm, 2 rolls 120/220 or 4 sheets of 4x5; comes with a spindle or use your existing tube sets from other Wing-Lynch processors. The 500T comes with a built in timer feature.
Wing-Lynch P2000 Film Processor. All new, compact, table-top film processor, 6 reels of 35mm, 4 reels of 120/220, 8 sheets of 4x5, 2 sheets of 8x10; ip to 24 user programmable on-line processes. Nitrogen blanketed chemistry.

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