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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

410-374-3250/800-777-6634; fax: 410-374-3184/800- 700-4464;;
King Concept RP 2001. C-41/E-6/b&w film/paper processor handling 35mm, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 16x20, 46mm, disc, 35mm x 25', 70mm x 15'. 50 processing programs; no preheating of chemistry needed; calculates and measures precise amount of chemistry needed for quick/even distribution; one cold water hookup needed; Tele-Tech modem access for remote diagnostics. [M, L, C, P, W]

609-396-1456; fax: 609-396-9395;;
Super Sidekick Film processor. C-41/E-6/b&w, 35mm, 126, 120/220, sheet film.Daylight operation; no warmup—always ready; no plumbing; operator never touches any chemicals; protects film from operator errors; user-programmable, self-diagnostic. [M, C]

Pic-Mount Imaging
800-458-6875; fax: 702-887-5138
Comet. E-6 film processor handles 35mm, 126, 110, 120/220 film. Daylight-operated leader card processor; push-and-pull processing; automatic replenishment system; independent temperature control; energy-saving devices reduce excessive electrical and water usage. [M, C, P, W, B]
Nova. E-6 film processor for 35mm film. Direct-drive leader card transport system for convenient, fast & easy E-6 processing; low to medium volume; automatic replenishment system; temperature control; push-and-pull processing. [M, C, P, W, B]

ProShots, Inc. A Kodak Company
810-733-6191; fax: 810-733-6519;;
ColorFlex ProShots Printer model CMF7. A through G crops wedding printer handling 35mm to 70mm film. Print size from 11x14 through wallets, including all square sizes. Automatic cropping riser block, automatic film drives handle film sizes 35, 46, 120, and 70, rotation of film in relationship to the optical axis enables tilting of the negative. Includes dual line back for easy print identification. [P]

ColorFlex Sports Printer model CMF-SPORTS. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film sizes. High-speed, automatic production of specialty prints for sports and greeting cards. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format Printer model CMF. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Standard package printer offers labs versatility and speed; engineered with innovative features and modular design. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format APS Printer model CMF-APS. Package printer handling 35mm and APS. Automatic production of package and multiple print sizes; on-board video analyzer for color control and negative composition; Hicks APS film gate handles all APS film formats. [P, W]

ColorFlex CP2 Package Printer model CP2. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Accepts interchangeable lens decks, crops A through H; automatic or manual operation; standalone or network operation; performs with the latest computer technology and ColorFlex innovation. [P]

Saint Charles Research
636-947-3846; fax: 636-947-3846;;
VIPP Variable Image Projection Printer. Proof printer—35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm printing on 1" to 5" wide x 275' or 575' long rolls. Exposes long roll or spliced film to photographic roll paper, at a rate of up to 25'/min; variable magnification: 75% to 385%; accessories include 2-up variable image lenses and copyright imprinting attachment. [M, C, P, W, S]