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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

ColorFlex ProShots Printer model CMF7. A through G crops wedding printer handling 35mm to 70mm film. Print size from 11x14 through wallets, including all square sizes. Automatic cropping riser block, automatic film drives handle film sizes 35, 46, 120, and 70, rotation of film in relationship to the optical axis enables tilting of the negative. [P]

ColorFlex Sports Printer model CMF-SPORTS. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film sizes. High-speed, automatic production of specialty prints for sports and greeting cards. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format Printer model CMF. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Standard package printer offers labs versatility and speed; engineered with innovative features and modular design. [P]

ColorFlex Multi-Format APS Printer model CMF-APS. Package printer handling 35mm and APS. Automatic production of package and multiple print sizes; on-board video analyzer for color control and negative composition; Hicks APS film gate handles all APS film formats. [P, W]

ColorFlex CP2 Package Printer model CP2. Package printer handling 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film. Accepts interchangeable lens decks, crops A through H; automatic or manual operation; standalone or network operation; performs with the latest computer technology and ColorFlex innovation. [P]

Houston Fearless.

520-782-3677/800-757-2213; fax: 520-343-9743;;

Mini ColorMaster. C-41 film processor (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, all sizes to 70mm. Multiple formats at 2.5 fpm for low volume C-41 processing; 35mm dual lanes at twice the capacity; daylight operation; completely self-contained; easy installation & operation. [C, O]

Advanced ColorMaster. C-41 film processor (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110 formats. Daylight operation/magazine load; compact design; stainless steel construction; C-41 process at 14, 21, 28 or 35 fpm; E-6 process at 3, 7.5, 11, 15 or 18 fpm. [C, P, B, O]

"S" Model Film Processor. C-41 (E-6/b&w available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, all formats to 70mm. Multiple format serpentine transport; single line or duplex models, 4, 6 or 13 fpm per lane; duplex model has separate drive systems for independent operation. [C, P, S, O]

High Volume Film Processors. C-41 (E-6/b&w/Kodachrome also available)—35mm, APS, 126, 110. Wide range of operating speeds; single line or duplex models; new drive system with all top rollers submerged throughout SST wet sections; duplex models feature independent transport systems. [C, P, W, O]

Leader Belt Paper Processors. Multiple lane configurations up to 6 lanes; processing speeds from 7.5 to 98 fpm per lane; all widths up to 20". SST construction throughout wet sections. Custom designs for larger paper sizes and special processing requirements. [C, P, W, S, O]


201-265-3443; 800-426-0781; fax: 201-265-0894;

Ilfolab 2150 RC Table-Top Processor. Paper processor handles roll paper to 5" wide, and cut sheets to 20" wide. Exclusive infrared dryer; automatic chemical dilution; auto standby; space-efficient tabletop design. [M, C, P]

2650 RC Black & White Paper Processor. Handles roll paper to 6" wide, and cut sheets to 20" wide. Patented infrared dryer technology; automatic replenishment; audible warnings; 7-day timer; digital controls. [C, P, W, B]