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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

Personal Studio S 508. C-41 minilab printer/processor—35mm, 110, 120/220. Digital, optical & combined digital/optical operating in one system; photo retouching/restoring/titles/text added/frames/posters/options; easy electronic imaging system. [M, C, P, B]

Master Flex. C-41 minilab printer/processor—35mm, APS. High productivity; high-quality scanner for best print quality; many profit-making options; ecological chemistry. [M, B]

Master Lab +. C-41 microlab printer/processor—35mm, 126, 110, APS (optional). Superior print quality scanning system; automated chemical & printer monitoring system; small footprint. [M, L, B]

Master Lab + 320. Complete minilab for exclusive processing of 135 film and reprints to 10 x15. C-41, 21 rolls/hr. (135-24), process RA4 NP. [M, L, B]

Master Lab + 340. Functions the same as the 320 but with twice the output for reprints and first time printing. [M, L, B]

Master Lab + 520. Minilab for processing all standard film sizes. C-41, RA, NP, 21 rolls/hr. (135-24)110, 126, 135, 120, 220, APS. Prints from 9x9cm to A4, panorama. [M, L, B]

Master Lab + 740. Functions the same as the 520 but with twice the output for reprints and first time printing. [M, L, B]

CLAS III Printer. High-speed printer for 35mm & APS. High-speed APS production; one-pass interspersed multi-format; quick-change print decks; triple paper supply cassettes. [W]

Syntra Printer. High-speed printer—35mm, APS. In-line Index Prints; high-quality scanner for best print quality; no film channel setups required; minimum makeovers; 20,000+ prints/hr. [W]

Selexxa RP. Paper processor—up to 5" width. 2, 4 or 6 strand models; up to 100 ft/min; low energy consumption; minimal maintenance costs; automatic paper tension control. [W].

Selexxa CF Film Processors. Process C-41, E616, 24, 35mm film. Daylight loading, PLC (programmable logic control) system for transport speed, replenishment data, basic hardware settings. [C, S, R, O, W]

MasterFlex Digital. C-41 minilab—35mm, APS, 120/220, 110, 126 formats; 1000 prints/hr.; 3.5x3.5 to 8x12 prints; makes prints from digital files, digital cameras, film.

MasterNova. C-41 minilabfilm processor, printer and paper processor in 1 sq./meter. 110, 135, 120, IX-240, from 3.5x3.5 to 8x12 at 21 films 135/24 per hour. LVTT technology, Eye Tech scanner and automatic film decks for 135 and APS films.

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