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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

Colex/Poli LaserLab 20x33. High speed, laser driven 20x33" digital photographic printer, attached to an RA4 processor. Prints at a rate of 950 8x10's per hour by merging the RGB lasers into a single beam of light which is collimated into a special self focusing fiber optic. Attached processor is field switchable to full wash or washless (NP) configurations [C, P, W, S, R]

Colex/Poli Direct Video Analyzing Proofing Lab. C-41 proof printer/processor (can also be configured for type R)—35mm, APS, 120/220. Direct video analyzation with on-screen density/color control; make print and generate VCNA data; print VCNA data on back of print/neg bag in one step; can make enlargements to 12x18. [C, P, W, S, O]

Colex/Poli Multi Image Lab 12x18". C-41 package printer/processor—35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film to 4x5. Uses 2-tiered turrets for holding lenses/clusters—computer-controlled; top turret interchangeable for 18 setups; also serves as cropping printer; uses direct video analyzation for on-screen density/color/cropping control. [M, C, P, S]

Colex/Poli Cropping Video Lab 20x30". C-41 (configurable for type R) custom printer/processor—35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film to 4x5. On-screen cropping/sizing; density/color adjustments for one shot printing (direct video analyzation); processor diverter system available—enables printing more than one process on printer; VCNA mode. [M, C, P, W, S, O]

Colex DD67-180-C4. C-41 film processor for 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 20x14. Battery backup; PC controller with display showing all key functions on one screen; built-in infrared video camera/monitor; surface area based replenishment system for exact replenishment. [C, P, W, S]

Colex RTF E-6-12-10. E-6 film processor handling 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film 4x5 to 11x14, long-roll & 9" wide roll film. Tough processor suitable for long roll processing; push-and-hold system available; submerged racks and washing crossover rollers minimize crystallization and oxidation; staggered rack roller (non-opposing) design—gentle on film, minimizes scratching or abrasion marks. [C, P, B, O, M]

Colex DD micro E-6. E-6 film processor—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film to 8x10. Small volume hanger machine; battery backup available; simple, reliable design; shipped in 2 modules for quick/easy installation. [M, C, P, B, O]

Colex RTK 44-30. RA-4 paper processor handling sheets to 40x60; roll sizes to 40" wide. Tough paper processor; low maintenance requirements; algae prevention system available; washing crossovers reduce chemical carryover to minimize stain level resulting in cleanest whites. [C, P, W, S]

Colex Colette Pro Black&White/CPBW 26". B&w paper processor handling sheets to 20x24; rolls to 24" wide. Low chemical volume and compact size; infrared dryer for superior finish; microprocessor-controlled operations including replenishment. [M, C, P, W, O]

Colex RTK-55/60 DP. RA-4 paper processor handling sheets from 5x7 to 40x60/rolls to 50" wide. Specifically designed for digital output from paper writers (Durst Lambda, CSI LightJet, Gretag Sphera); special mechanism to insure straight feeding; enhanced replenishment system and oversized developer tank to maximize processing uniformity; high-speed processing. [C, B, R]

Colex QCP 1218. Digital paper writer reading TIFF or PostScript files. Print sizes to 12x18; 226 or 452 ppi resolution; 80 8x10 prints/hr at 226 ppi; lab version connected to processor for full daylight operation; built-in Level 2 RIP. [M, C, P, B, S, R, O]

Colex RTK 32/40 DP. Paper processor handling sheets from 5x7 to 30x40/rolls to 30" wide; designed for output of midsize digital photo printers; incorporates special feed mechanism to insure straight feeding; enhanced replenishment system; oversized developer tank to maximize process uniformity; streakless finish air drying; integrated roll takeup. [M, C, P, B, R, O]

Colex CPF E-6-8/6. E-6 roller transport film processor for low-volume users; processes 12 rolls 135-36/hr; automatic replenishment; washing crossovers for clean film processing with minimal stain levels; submerged staggered roller rack design for gentle film transport; designed for roll film and occasional 4x5 sheet film processing. [M, B, O]

Delight Image Technology

(86) 10-6587-3009; fax: (86) 10-6587-3007

Delight F-260. C-41 film processor handling 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220. Dual strand leader card; wash or washless operation; daylight operation; 40 rolls/hour (135-24); waterless; microprocessor controlled. [M, C, P, B, O]