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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

FP-100. C-41 film processor—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220. Microprocessor-controlled processing functions; processes 32 rolls 135-24/hr; easy cleaning with removable crossovers; built-in timer; premeasured chemical startup kits. [M, C, P]

The Allen Products Co.

203-878-7454; fax: 203- 877-6346

E-6-70. E-6/b&w film processor for 35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm film sizes. Dual-strand processing at 2.5 fpm; automatic tension adjusting film transport system; flowmeters for all solutions; solution conserving plumbing; eye-level electronic controls. [C, W, O]

E-6-35 processors. Ranging in speed from 1 to 40 FPM; uniform control of photographic variables; demand drive transport system. [M, C, W, D, R, O]

C-41-7. C-41/b&w minilab processor for 35mm film. Magazine for automatic splicing; processing at 7 fpm; self-contained plumbing; automatic tension adjusting film transport system; made of 316L stainless steel and titanium. [M, P, W]

C-41 multiformat processors. Ranging in speed from 2 to 39 FPM; can be used for all people lab applications; stainless steel and titanium construction; precision transport system; nationwide service. [P, S]

Amplex Corp.

860-793-1780; fax: 860-793-1780

TLPV. Twin-lens cropping package printer prints mini-wallets through 11x14 on roll paper from 3.5" to 11". Automatic; daylight operation; 10 user-programmable crops, with openings from APS through 70mm. [P, S]

AX-950. Proofing Printer-Processor; Negatives are videoanalyzed, printed, scanned, developed and sorted in one cycle. 950 prints/hr. Optional digital capabilities provide photo CDs and index prints. [P, S]

AX SPI-960P. Film Processor, leader card daylight operation, C-41 washless process 40 rolls/hr. [P, S]


413-625-2322; fax: 413-625-2322;

Large-Format Contact Printer. Roll sizes to 1000'x11" wide, specific models for color or b&w. Economical, fast mass production of color or b&w prints; up to 2000 prints/hour; print sizes to 21"x 21"; prints off standard or digitally produced negatives. [C, P, W, B]

Projection Proof Printer. Color/b&w—35mm, 126, 110, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm formats; paper to 5" wide x 750' long. Custom-built to customer specifications; cluster lenses to 5 up available; dichroic colorhead standard; multiple print configurations available; produces enlarged or reduced color or b&w prints; printing speeds to 50 feet/min. [C, P, S]

Contact Proof Printer. Color/b&w—35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm, 90mm; roll paper sizes to 3.5" wide x 750' long. Prints color or b&w; continuous printing at 50'/min; dichroic colorhead standard; custom modifications available. [C, P, S]

Hand Contact Printer. Color/b&w negs to 11x14 sheet film sizes, print sizes to 11x14. Hand-operated platen; solid-state timer; b&w or color light sources; rugged construction. [C, P, W, B]


913-492-8900; fax: 913-894-4155;;