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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

VIPP Variable Image Projection Printer. Proof printer—35mm, 120/220, 46mm, 70mm printing on 1" to 5" wide x 275' or 575' long rolls. Exposes long roll or spliced film to photographic roll paper, at a rate of up to 25'/min; variable magnification: 75% to 385%; accessories include 2-up variable image lenses and copyright imprinting attachment. [M, C, P, W, S]

SCR 35/70. Package printer prints from 35mm to 6x7; print sizes from 3.5 x 5 to 11x14, wallet & sub-wallet. Options include trading card attachment; cut negative carrier; strip film carrier; long roll carrier; sheet paper easel; roll paper easel; digital controller; combination print masking assembly. [M, C, P, W, S]

Sienna Imaging, Inc.

303-754-0200/ fax: 303-705-2270 (digital products); 612 829-5444/fax: 612 829-7544 (processors);,

Mileca Digital Printer. High-speed digital printing directly on standard RA-4 reflective or backlit display photographic paper; produces up to 12" wide prints and unlimited length prints; 500 dpi max resolution; high speed continuous roll-to-roll operation.

FP3000. RA-4 digital direct paper printers using 8" & 8.5" (wide) by 275' paper. Up to 360 dpi; high productivity; $0.35/print cost; standard, low-cost photographic media; fast, continuous operation. [M, L, C, P, W, B]

FP5000. RA-4 digital direct paper printers using 10", 11" & 12" (wide) by 275' paper. 12"x18" maximum size; lowest cost per print; uses standard RA-4 photographic media; user-selectable page size for easy operation; real digital photographic prints. [M, L, C, P, W, B]

Refrema Mini Film Processor. E-6, C-41, B&W: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 40-72 films/hour depending on model; double timer control system, 5 hanger loading magazine, varied replenishment systems; CE approved.

Refrema Compact Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 80 to 250 films/hour depending on model; 2-speed, 4-point lift system; user-defined configuration; push/pull capabilities to 5-second increments; varied replenishment systems; daylight and darkroom configurations available; CE-approved. [C, P]

Refrema OL Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 300 to 600 films/hour, depending on model; available options include automatic hanger return system; long-time jump-over; snip test retrieval doors; daylight/darkroom configuration available; CE approved. [C, P]

Refrema Continuous Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w/Kodachrome handling 16mm through 70mm film formats. Single and dual-strand configurations; range: 8'/min to 110'/min; longer profile racks and dryer transports minimize film stress; final exit vacuum squeegee system; humidity and heat controlled dryer; unique tension-control drive system. [C, P]

GPE Leaderbelt Processor. RA-4/b&w paper processor for 35mm contact prints through 30" widths. Single and twin configurations available; range: 21'/min to 130'/min; special process configurations available; energy saving; PC-based or PLC controls; turbine or pump replenishment system available. [P]

Step One. Package printer; accepts 10" or 11" or 275' rolls of paper; handles neg sizes 35mm perf through 70mm; microprocessor control; automatic paper advance.

VP2. Package printer used when film size and crop remain constant, primarily for school/store promotion packages; paper sizes 5", 10" or 11" x 575' max; film sizes from 35mm to 70mm; 3.5x5/4x4/5x7 proofing & wallet strip proofing.

Stouffer Photo Equipment

219-234-5023; fax: 219-232-7989;;