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2000 Directory of Printers and Processors

Konica NPS 878J System. C-41/b&w minilab handling 35mm, APS, 126, 110, 120/220 and digital-roll paper to 575'. Up to 2300 prints/hr; uses Ecojet chemistry; products wallet to 10"x15" photos; DHS scanner for exceptional first-run yield; optional digital print unit for index prints. [M, L, C, P, W, B, D]

Konica QD-21 Plus. C-41/E-6/b&w minilab handling 35mm, APS, 110, digital flash cards, CD-ROM, floppy disk-roll paper to 575'. 1200 to1800 prints/hr; allows consumers to create postcards, flyers, calendars, etc. from a kiosk; full system occupies 17 sq. feet; uses EcoJet chemistry; employs Konica Hyper Color Management system to provide color manipulation via automatic under/over-exposure system; new computer station/terminal enhances output capabilities. [M, L, C, P, W, B, D]

Kreonite Inc.

316-263-1111/800-835-1032; fax: 316-263-6829;;

KM4. Processors optimized for digital applications—paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 575'. Computer control of processing parameters for highest accuracy/reliability; 6 widths from 20" to 85"; simultaneously processes rolls and sheets; modular design; UL & CE certified. [C, P, R]

KHM-8. C-41 minilab printer/processor—35mm, 126, 110, 120/220, sheet film. Versatile—prints professional film sizes to 4x5; efficient daylight operation; operational and customized data easily archived on disk; zero paper waste; optional package systems available for 35 & 645 film. [M, C]

HPM. Paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 275'. Time proven Hope hard roller transports; available in 20", 32" & 53" widths; computer control; modular design; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

PM2. Paper processor for 3.5x5/larger & roll sizes to 275'. Available in 20", 31" & 52" widths; computer controlled; dryer and wash water energy saver; infrared replenishment; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

KPL. C-41/E-6/b&w dip&dunk film processor for 35mm, 120/220, sheet film to 11x14. Computerized control with energy saving standby; transport system designed to eliminate rack swing; standard push/pull capability; modular construction; UL & CE certified. [C, P]

HPF. C-41/E-6/b&w AE5/AN6 film processor for 35mm, 120/220, sheet film. Available in 5" & 11" widths; time-proven Hope film transports; precision computer control; infrared replenishment. [C, P]

KMP-1. Color/b&w proof printer for 35mm, 126, 110, 120/220 formats. Automatic focus/sizing; reflex viewing; color or multigrade b&w capability; computer control; daylight operation. [C, P]

CP. Tabletop paper processor for RA-4/b&w. 3.5x5 to rolls 100' max; 16" and 26" widths available; simple analog control system; modular transport system; energy & wash water saving features.

Linear Processors

219-282-1940; fax: 219-282-1938;

Photon Superlab. C-41/RA-4 minilab for 126, 135, 120 film/3x5, 4x6, 5x7 paper; film speed: 29 135-24 rolls/hr; paper speed: 920 3x5 prints/hr. Ease of operation, CPU controls; compact design; large chemical tank capacity; no plumbing required; cost effective.

C-series linear processors. C-41/b&w/E-6 compact tabletop dip&dunk film processor for rollfilm (120, 135, 220) and sheet film (4x5, 5x7). 1.5 gallon tanks; speed: 15 4x5 sheets per hr./18 135 rolls per hr.; programmable features; low maintenance.