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People Labs Praise the Benefits of Workflow

H&H hosts classes every two to three weeks for theircustomers on topics such as digital workflow, Photoshop, software and many others.
Reedy Photoprocess Corp., reports that Kodak’s DP2 Version 6.1 software has also helped them reduce labor and increase productivity about 4 to 5 times from what it was on the optical side of their wedding and poratrait work.
H&H uses Fujifilm's Studiomaster PRO to process many of their clients' images. Photo © Kirk Voclain, Kirk Voclain Photography, Houma, LA.

With Studiomaster PRO, H&H offers many production options such as individual and unit prints, print finishing services, digital retouching and art and hundreds of graphic templates from greeting cards to wedding albums. Studiomaster PRO 3.0, according to Fujifilm, delivers an imaging presentation solution that can significantly improve productivity. Fujifilm asserts that by streamlining the numerous tasks you used in the past to assemble an album for your portrait or wedding customer you will save time to build new business.

Boda adds, “Studiomaster PRO enables them to spend less time in front of their computers and more time creating images.”