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XP Innovations' LiteShapers
A lightweight, portable, easy way to enhance your creative lighting options

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A few months ago, I received a few LiteShaper samples, and I loved the idea right away. Created to fit all standard-sized softboxes, LiteShapers are lightweight, portable, and simple to use, and add a variety of creative options to my lighting technique.

Currently available for 24x32 and 36x48 softboxes in silver, white, and soft gold, I've been using the silver in both sizes.

With LiteShapers, I'm able to take almost any softbox and make it either smaller or shape it into a strip. That alone gives me a tremendous amount of flexibility. It means I can have much more versatility with what I own. I no longer have to own every size softbox in every shape.

I like to create pools of light that are very dramatic, and I really like controlling my light and not having it spill all over. With a LiteShaper, I am able to cut the size of the source to the perfect size every time. It helps keep the light from spilling all over by not using a source that is bigger than you need.

These units fold, collapse, and bend to create any light-forming shape. While strong, they're flexible enough to manipulate easily without using excessive force. Since the edges of each unit are lined with Velcro, they attach easily to any softbox as well as to each other.

LiteShapers are particularly useful when I shoot because I like to use strip lights for back rim lights, and I can cut any rectangular softbox into a strip. If I only have one strip with me and I want symmetrical light, I can make another for the other side from a LiteShaper.

A couple of months ago, a LiteShaper actually helped save an important shoot. I was at a job when I ran out of strip lights. Using one of the units, I changed a small box into a thin strip light and saved the day. LiteShapers give me a more versatile set of equipment every time I shoot.

I continue to be amazed at the ways this lighting device can enhance my lighting techniques. If you don't own every size and shape softbox you might need, I think you'll find a selection of LiteShapers to be an incredibly valuable addition to your equipment, in the studio and on location.

For more information about LiteShapers, visit or stop by the XP Innovations booth, #704, during Imaging USA in Austin, TX, January 22-24