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EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY ( and LEXAR ( announced the signing of an extended five-year agreement under which Lexar will develop and market Kodak-branded flash memory products worldwide. The agreement with Lexar, which has performance-based exclusivity, strengthens the existing relationship between the two companies and allows for expanded distribution and a broader portfolio of KODAK-branded flash memory product lines created by Lexar.

FUJIFILM U.S.A. ( announced that it is studying the best pricing structure for its color negative photo film products in the U.S. marketplace. This follows a recent announcement by its parent company, Fujifilm Corp, regarding worldwide price increases for its color negative photo film products slated for October 2007.

LEGION PAPER ( launched a comprehensive eco-friendly paper classification system as a new feature of their website. This new tool is the first of its kind within the paper industry to provide a powerful 'green' search engine. Additionally, Legion's digital imaging division, Moab by Legion Paper, runs on 100% wind energy and is located in the heart of the west's national parks system, where there is an emphasis on living green.

MOHAWK FINE PAPERS INC. ( has launched new Strathmore specifications on the company website. Designed with an intuitive interface, the website quickly guides the user through the specification of a complete identity system.

ROADWIRED ( announced that it is changing its company name to Skooba Design, to reflect the changes and evolution of the seven year-old company through an entirely new website, and many new products. The RoadWired name will continue as a collection name on selected products and product groupings, but the overall branding, identity and focus of the company will be under the Skooba Design name.

THE PICTURE ARCHIVE COUNCIL OF AMERICA (PACA) ( has placed on its website a PowerPoint presentation that provides a thorough review of copyright law in the United States and how it applies to the use of imagery in advertising, the news media, and fine art. The presentation includes real-world cases with images and detailed explanations of how the parties viewed the claimed infringements and how the courts assessed them.

WACOM ( announced its new brand concept and corporate look, presenting its objective on for continued growth as measured by broader adoption of its pen tablet technology, as well as expanding the use of pen-based devices for business computing applications. The new brand was unveiled on Wacom's 25th anniversary on the company website.

Industry News

HP ( announced that R and R Images, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based marketing services provider that specializes in digital printing, has installed an HP Indigo press 5500, which it is using to embark on a new level of high-end photo book production. The press, which enables high-definition digital printing in resolutions up to 1,200 dots per inch in up to seven colors, is producing a new line of upscale consumer photo books for a key R and R client, Couture Book.

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS (UARTS) ( in Philadelphia has received a $103,389 donation from Markzware, a leading software publishing company. UArts is dedicated to educating creative individuals in the visual, performing and communicative arts. This fall, UArts initiated Anytime, Anywhere Creativity, a mobile computing initiative which equipped 1,150 students with Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Each laptop contains the most current software, including Markzware FlightCheck applications.

Book Corner

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS ( released Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World [ISBN: 978-0-520-24438-2] by Gary Braasch. An eight-year documentation of environmental changes resulting from the warming of our climate features more than 100 photographs, including before and after comparisons, Earth Under Fire cites species, cultures, and entire ecosystems at risk due to receding glaciers, eroding coastlines, rising sea levels, and thawing permafrost in the Antarctic, Andes, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Product News

BOGEN IMAGING ( announced a new education program entitled Bogen Café, at The Café is a workshop environment for college students that explores imaging topics in situations that are rarely discovered within the confines of a classroom.

DELKIN DEVICES ( announced three additions to their line of AA battery products. Included in the lineup are Extended Power 2900mAh Rechargeable AA battery cells, a new AA/AAA International Quick Charger, and Ready-to-Use Rechargeable AA battery cells that combine the benefits of single-use alkaline cells with rechargeable cells.

DYMO ( released the DiscPainter, a high-resolution CD and DVD printer that expands disc design options, eliminating labels altogether, letting users print directly onto CDs or DVDs.

IMAGE TRENDS ( announced AutoMatting software, which automatically creates and adds a unique mat for each image and resizes the image to the aspect ratio of virtually any display device. AutoMatting, a stand-alone application, is currently available for Windows-based machines only. Mac versions will follow as market demand dictates.

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