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From left: Jann Levesque, Laurent Dartoux, Robert Lloyd, David Langley, James Fletcher, John Harrington, Susan Carr, and James Chung
At the May IPC UN Luncheon (left to right): Jann Levesque, Laurent Dartoux, Robert Lloyd, David Langley, James Fletcher, John Harrington, Susan Carr, and James Chung.
Brandon Remler

9th Annual IPC Awards Luncheon

In celebration of International Professional Photographers Month, the International Photographic Council (IPC) honored top photographers at the 9th Annual IPC Awards Luncheon at the United Nations, in New York, on May 10.

Keynote speaker Laurent Dartoux, General Manager, Film Capture, and Vice President, Film Products Group, Eastman Kodak Company, shared with the group how he became inspired by photography through the works of Yann Arthus Bertrand.

"He invited me to see more of the world around us, but first and foremost see it in a different, more meaningful way. This is how great photographers can influence us and the world around us.

"Today we celebrate five photographers, whose love of photography inspired them to go beyond the ordinary, allowing them to achieve stature and recognition among their peers. . ."

This year's IPC Leadership Award winners are: Susan Carr, of the American Society of Media Photographers; John Harrington, White House News Photographers Association; Robert Lloyd, Professional Photographers of America; David Langley, Advertising Photographers Association; James Fletcher, National School Photographers Association. As samples of their winning imagery illuminated the room, the recipients thanked the photo industry that has supported and sustained them.

Board member/Luncheon Chair Jann Levesque, Group Publisher, Cygnus Imaging and Graphic Communications, and IPC president James Chung presented the winners with their medals.

"IPC is dedicated to the 'professional photographers who, day in and day out, take pictures that inform, communicate, entertain, and document, adding to the fabric of the lives of all mankind. They are the heroes of our time," said Mr. Chung. He went on to acknowledge the support of IPC's vice presidents, who were present: Donald Christensen, Matt Knickerbocker, Jann Levesque, Kathy Schneider; and board members John Segall and Christian Erhardt. He also thanked luncheon sponsors: Cygnus Business Media, Eastman Kodak Company, Fuji Film USA, Homes & Land of Hilton Head, Leica Camera USA, Inc., Nikon Inc., Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc., and Tamron USA.

Fuji's Brandon Remler was given a special service award for his photo coverage of IPC's and other industry events.

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The historic city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia
The historic city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia

ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ( has added another photograph to its Big Shot portfolio. The historic city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia, became the latest subject of RIT's "painting with light" photo project. Nearly 500 volunteers, including tourists, Dubrovnik residents, and students from the American College of Management and Technology—RIT's sister college—joined RIT faculty, staff, and students to make this year's project a reality. The volunteers, armed with flashlights and camera flash units, helped bathe the area in light during an exposure period of 90 seconds. This latest Big Shot image highlights the entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town at Pile (pronounced "pee-lay") Gate, built in the 1400s. The stone bridge, the high fortress wall with its turrets, and the Croatian flag flying above the wall are featured in the background.

Corporate News

DENNY MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. ( announced the launch of its new website, completely redesigned to allow customers to browse a wide variety of photography backdrops, props, and accessories. In addition to an expanded online store, the website introduces several all-new sections of informative content.

KODAK'S ( new customer publication, One magazine, recently earned top honors from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) in its 2006 Inspire Awards competition. Kodak won the Gold Award for excellence in development of One magazine and also came in at 16 out of the 429 entries in the Top 50 Publications of 2006 category.

LEGION PAPER ( acquired the Rising and Stonehenge brands upon Neenah Paper's announcement of the Rising Mill closure. Legion Paper will supply papers with exact specifications worldwide.

NESCHEN AMERICAS ( unveiled the company's new Neschen brand website. The new site represents a combination of the former Neschen-Accutech and Neschen USA websites, with a fresh look, user-friendly navigation, updated product information, news, specials, and new support services. Users can access the new site by going to the company site and clicking on any Neschen brand product category.

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