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Turning Ordinary Images Into Extraordinary Art
Metal Mural offers a creative way to output and display images

Gary Kaplan

Gary Kaplan

Gary Kaplan

Marketing your business boils down to some simple guidelines. Start each day with passion and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Always stay ahead of the curve. Don't compare your style to others; challenge yourself to develop artistic, creative, and innovative ways not only to express yourself as a photographer, but also to try to communicate the essence of the image you are working on. Approach each image as if it has a life of its own. And last but not least, let the world know you have these qualities.

Our studio doesn't advertise much. We've built our reputation upon years and years of networking and relationships, yet when we find a new product to assist in our marketing efforts (which also allows us to offer something new and creative to our clients), we jump on it. Metal Mural is one of these products. Metal Mural products are innovative and creative. We believe they make a statement: "I'm a trend-setter! I'm an artist!"

After buying one, we found ourselves overwhelmed with ideas for creative marketing. The obvious is to sell them to your clients. Metal Murals are quite different from what had been available to photographers. A Metal Mural image features the image printed on multiple squares of metal, which are then hung together. Think: an art installation.

We also have clients like Paul Mitchell who may want to hang images in their salons, and Harley-Davidson, who may want to use them not only as art but also as signage. The explosion of ideas is endless, but to be successful, you must focus.

We've used the product in a few ways: selling them to our wedding clients to hang in their homes; to promote our services to vendors; and even making some look like our business card to convey our creativity to vendors.

Most important is choosing the right image. This is an artistic medium, so the images should be artistic in nature. Use overlays and saturation to enhance them. Bright colors pop off the chart, yet subdued tints seem to create more of a traditional look. Images that are dimensional seem to look the best.

Decide on the size you'll be ordering and then look at the image. Will a face or important feature be cut in the middle because of the size of the panels? We crop to fit or add borders to the image in Photoshop to make sure important features aren't cut between panels. We've made our own overlay panel that fits over the image so we can see where the lines hit.

At first we thought portraits might work best for a Metal Mural, then metallic-looking images, then bright colors. They all seem to work. Be creative, but print them out first on photo paper. Do they pop? Are they conveying the image you want? We even go as far as to cut the print into pieces to see what the final product will look like before we order.

Gary Kaplan began his career working as a photojournalist in New York more than 25 years ago. He is a second-generation wedding and fashion photographer. His fine-art wedding collections, digital art, and fashion images have won many international awards, and he's been published in thousands of publications worldwide. For more information about Gary Kaplan Photography, his artistic overlays, or his workshops, visit the website at

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