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SP&D Guide to Lighting Equipment

TEXT BY DIANE BERKENFELD STUDIO LIGHTING Much of photography is headed down the digital path these days. Whether images are captured digitally or on film, oftentimes they are enhanced in the digital workflow.

Digital capture brings with it technological requirements that are different from those of film-based photography. Manufacturers have responded by introducing equipment capable of handling both types of capture.

Case in point: New digital cameras require lighting equipment that is more accurate in maintaining a constant color temperature and flash output. These and other requirements not only help digital photographers, but film shooters, as well.

Today's photographers will find many great lighting systems available for use in the studio and on location, as well as an extensive array of light modifiers. This variety gives photographers the ultimate freedom to control the way they illuminate their subjects.

Studio Photography & Design has gathered info on the hottest and brightest in new lighting equipment. For highlights of the latest gear to hit the marketplace, read on. . .

Balcar has added the Iris flash head to its product lineup this year. The Iris flash head features a U-shaped flash tube and modeling lamp, so the light that the modeling lamp casts on the subject is the same as the light hitting the subject by the flash tube. The unit is fan-cooled and also features overheat protection. The Iris flash head is available in a single-cable, 3200 watt seconds (ws) maximum capacity unit or bi-cable, 6400 ws maximum capacity unit. The Iris will be replacing older units as the standard Balcar flash head and is compatible with Balcar's Nexus and Nomad power packs and the AQ-Pack battery.

Bowens announced three new monolights-the 250DX, 500DX, and 1000DX-which join the recently introduced 750DX. The units feature digital power control, covering a range of six f/stops from full to 1/32. They also offer full IR control. The new monolights are compatible with the extensive line of Bowens accessories. Brandess-Kalt-Aetna has released four new high-wattage Hot Lite kits for use with digital, film, and video capture. The four kits are a 500 watt kit, 1200 watt Quartz kit, 1500 watt kit, and 1800 watt Quartz kit. The 1800 watt Quartz kit includes 1-600 watt Quartz focusing light for flood or spot, 2-600 watt lighting units with built-on barn doors, cords, stands, and high-heat sockets. The bulbs are not included. The new Briese Magnum II offers Briese lighting in a compact and lightweight unit. The flash pack has a maximum capacity of 1000 ws and is totally modular. The system consists of a recycle and control module, capacitor module, and battery package. The entire line of Briese reflectors and lamp heads are compatible with the new Magnum II. debuted its Minicom 40 and 80 lights at the photokina show in Germany last month. The Minicom 40 and 80 offer unparalleled convenience, giving the photographer the option of controlling the lights from a computer or the new RFS, 10-channel radio sync system. The units offer visible and audible ready indicators and a 300 watt Halogen modeling light, which dims during recharging as a sign that the strobes fired.

introduced three monolights at photokina. The Digital 300, Digital 600, and Digital 1200 offer full digital control at 300 ws, 600 ws, and 1200 ws respectively. The lights can be controlled by remote or PC computer, (A Macintosh interface is in development). The lights are available in the new translucent or regular grey colors and are fan cooled for added stability.

HP Marketing Corp. offers the new Novoflex Flash Art System, "Sunlight in the suitcase." The system, contained in a suitcase, assembles easily for use on location, and is powered by a battery. The unit features a modeling light and offers a quality of light with the character of sunlight. JTL's latest Superlights provide up to 1200 watts of continuous light. They're fan-cooled and zoom from spot to flood. The Superlights are available in 500-, 750-, 1000-, and 1200-watt models. Lowel-LIGHT's family of Rifa-lites has a new addition in the Baby Rifa 44. The Rifa-lites are constant Tungsten lights. The Baby Rifa 44 offers 250 watts of soft Tungsten Halogen lighting in a collapsible, compact, and self-contained unit.
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