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The Engagement Session, The Wedding, Then What?


Text by Robin Gross • Images by Courtesy GNP

Your latest couple's Big Day has come and gone. Their album's complete and you've filled orders for friends and family all over the world. Does that mean you've exhausted all the marketing opportunities for this client? For any wedding couple? Not necessarily.

Today, wedding images reach way beyond the bride's album. They can be incorporated into the wedding, fashioned to decorate the couple's home, and make great gifts. Include framed images in your packages, on your price list, and as incentives to your wedding couples and watch your profits grow.

Engagement pictures are a great place to start. Try these new twists for enhancing engagement session profits:

• Signature Board. Give couples a specially designed frame and mat that protects the image from accidents, leaving the mat free for signing.

Choose a modern, tasteful frame with a simple white or black mat (great with a silver gel pen) and avoid items that may clash with the couple's new home.

• Guest Book Album. Create an album that combines photo images with guest signature pages. Or skip the lines so guests can pen personal messages and good wishes.

• Table Mats. On each table, place an easel with an Image Box mat that holds a portrait from the engagement session. Add a gel pen so guests can sign the mat. When the night's over, collect the mats and place them in an Image Box.

After the wedding, help your couples make wedding imagery a part of their new home with the following:

• Wall Folios. Take three, four, or more images from the wedding, double-mat each one, and hang in one designer frame. Try combining several into one grouping. Fine frames and mats, such as GNP's Wall Folios, really showcase your photos. Include one in your packages and add it to your price list.

• Table Top Treasures. Handsome table frames with wedding images fill a mantel or coffee table with personal memories. Choose a color theme like black or the popular warm silver and select a variety of heavy, decorative, or trim wood moldings or match your Wall Folio selection.

Price loose prints with a frame to increase customer convenience, as well as your profits.

• Featured Photos. For images deserving special treatment in a wall frame, go with a classic double mat then upscale the look with a fillet. Float or deckle the bride's images for a whole new look.

Now, the best news: wedding images make great gifts. Some simple ideas that work:

• The Bride & Her Dad. Suggest that the bride choose a favorite photograph of herself with her dad, place it in an Image Box Mat, and leave room for her to write a personal "thank you." Place the mat in an appropriate frame and it's ready for giving.

• The Flower Girl & Other Special Helpers. Small, inexpensive albums can transform a few images into an extraordinary gift. Offer your customers the choice of a small album or a wall folio.

• Unique Gift Frames. Selections such as GNP's Desk Art look like a million, but are totally affordable. For the best tiny treasures, mini albums like Art Leather's Euro Mini 33, are priceless.

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