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Six Degrees of Separation
Marketing to Clients & Prospects

I run a pro commercial photography studio, which competes in NYC and the surrounding area. The program I use for promotion is called: "Six Degrees of Separation from Bill Truran." To compete, I consider the following to be necessary. First, I'm a genuine, honest, friendly person. Second, I'm a studio lighting expert. Finally, I'm an expert retoucher.

Everyone's Connected to Everyone Else

All of my clients are connected to me, but not all directly-through normal promotion. Because my clients love me, they talk to others about me, and some of those who've heard about me have hired me. I have some clients who have used my photographic services for 20 years, and I have some clients who have just started using my studio. As long as they love me, and the work I do for them makes them look great to their bosses, they'll keep using me and recommending me to others as well.

I started working with Andie 15 years ago. We became great artist to client friends. Andie changed jobs and began to work with Nicole. I then worked with Andie and Nicole who were both clients and friends. Nicole changed jobs and at her new agency, told Courtney, Emalia, Jennifer and Amy about me. They're all now hiring me and new relationships have begun to form. That's how "Six Degrees of Separation from Bill Truran" works.

We have a website that supports my client's thoughts about me. They use it to show work we've done and why they like working with me.

This method works on so many levels. I have made lots of friends through the studio. I enjoy shooting not just because the job itself is fun (it is) but also because I find I'm working with friends.

Because of the Six Degrees of Separation, many of my clients have met and know each other so we get together outside of work. We include spouses, and continue to enjoy each other's company. Six Degrees of Separation also includes those whom the studio hires to support the jobs. Food stylists, prop stylists, assistants, and printers all work closely with us, and become part of the extended client/friend base.

There it is. That's how we do it. Be nice, do a great job every time, and your work family keeps getting bigger and bigger. The bigger the family, the more work comes in; the more work, the more money. All this while having a great time.

Bill Truran of Bill Truran Productions LLC ( is a commercial photographer specializing in food, fashion, packaging and product photography.