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Sinarback 23 HR, Microscan/Macroscan, Cyber Kit & CeMag YK


Sinarback 23 HR,
Cyber Kit & CeMagYK
Winning Elements in
The Sinar Digital System


The Sinar Macroscan enables you to set up the shot and then the system captures four shots—seamlessly stitched together. What amazed me about the stitching software is that I couldn't find the lines of the stitching. I tried every little trick to find them in the image, but couldn't. The software runs well and didn't crash any of the systems we tested it on.
The new Sinar CeMagYK prepress software is an optional part of the Sinar CaptureShop program. It produces amazing files by applying professional-quality scaling, sharpening, and color separations. Since it enables you to generate files that don't need to be adjusted, the software will save clients on post-production costs.
The Sinarback 23 HR features a 2x3k CCD, which generates 18MB RGB files. The interface plate allows you to rotate from vertical to horizontal on the Sinarcam 2 and the Sinar p2. It can also be mounted in either direction on most medium-format camera bodies.
The software setup controls are easy to use and allow you to input your camera type, master/slave trigger mode, early/late flash, and portrait/landscape orientation. This camera system is ideal for Sinar camera owners. It works with all medium-format cameras via adapters designed for the specific camera.
The Sinar digital cameras work via a fiberoptic link to the Sinarback. The PCI card, which comes with your digital back, must be installed in your computer for the fiber-optic cable to transfer images to your system.

Magical Black Box

After attaching the digital back to your medium-format camera, plug the back into the Cyber Kit. The kit is a magical black box that's worn in a belt pack with a leather cover and battery.
I found the belt and battery pouch extremely comfortable. They're manufactured by Lowepro, a company that has produced photographers' products for years.
I have to admit, when I first saw the portable solution, I was skeptical. However, I found it easy to shoot with and it wasn't too heavy. And considering the weight of medium-format cameras and lenses, the Cyber Kit was totally workable . . . quite a find because lightweight solutions are very important to me in my work.
The LCD screen on the black box is bigger than that of most portable digital cameras, so you get a good view of what you're capturing. Detail and tonal range information is essential when shooting on location. With this solution, you don't have to be connected to a computer, which is a definite benefit.
When you shoot with the Cyber Kit, your camera controls run the system. Its 20GB hard drive is capable of holding up to 1400 raw CaptureShop files from the digital back. The device has a built-in color LCD with a touch screen to set your preferences for lighting, exposure, highlight, and shadow information. Download images to your desktop by Ethernet, fiberoptic, or USB connection.

CaptureShop 3.0 Software
I really like Sinar's software, especially this new version. It runs well and the quality of color is really consistent. I found that my files need very little, if any, color adjustments. The color separations are worth as much as the camera!
We were very happy with our results from all three versions of the Sinarback 23 HR we tested. With the Macroscan Adapter, it's ideal for product and still life shooters. The Cyber Kit is great if you own a Sinarback and want to go portable. Sinarback 23 HR works well in the studio with a medium-format camera. By the way, there's also a "light" version of the Sinarback, a one-shot-only model that's fully upgradable to a 4-shot.

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