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SP&D' s Guide to Media Cards & Flash Drives
Innovations, Improvements, and Enhancements

Media Cards
Kodak/Lexar CF Card (top left); Fujifilm xD-Picture Card (top right); Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro (bottom left); Lexar Professional Series CF Card (bottom right)
Media Cards and Flash Drives
Olympus 1GB xD-Picture Card (top left); PNY Technologies Optima CF (top right); Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive (bottom)
Media Cards
SanDisk Extreme III
Flash Drive
Kingston Technology DataTraveler Elite
Flash Drive
Lexar JumpDrive Lightning
MediaGear XtraDrives (left); Pexagon Store-It Drive (right)
Flash Drive
Memorex M-Flyer USB Flash Drive
Flash Drives
PNY Technologies Attache
Sony MicroVault (left); SanDisk Cruzer Profile (right)


AgfaPhoto ( recently jumped into the media card arena with its new line of "Digital Film" cards, leveraging AgfaPhoto's reputation in the photo marketplace. AgfaPhoto's Digital Film product line provides a full range of the most common media card formats, including CompactFlash , SD /MMC, SmartMedia, and Memory Stick. The product line is topped off by the AgfaPhoto USB Stick 2.0.

ATP Electronics

ATP Electronics ( is offering special capacity SD and MMC flash memory cards, designed to offer increased flexibility in choosing the right size card for your needs. In addition to the standard 128, 256, 512MB, and 1GB flash cards, ATP offers 384MB and 768MB in both the MMC and SD standards; as well as 1.28GB and 1.54GB cards to supplement its 2GB SD cards. ATP's new cards all feature the company's rugged design, which offer protection from water, dust, and static discharge.


Dane-Elec ( offers a full range of media cards including its high-speed CompactFlash Xs cards up to 4GB in size. SD/MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, and the xD-Picture card round out the company's line of media cards.

Delkin Devices Inc.

Delkin Devices Inc. ( increased the storage capacities of its eFilm CompactFlash PRO Cards to include 1GB and 2GB CF cards. In addition to the new cards, the range includes 128, 256, 320, 512, and 640MB capacity CF Pro cards. Delkin's eFilm PRO Card uses DQD--a technology called DQD, a design and quality verification process that improves the performance of CF cards. DQD is a Delkin exclusive.

Eastman kodak

Eastman Kodak ( is also leveraging its brand recognition within the media card market. As part of a multi-year agreement that was originally announced in mid-2004, Kodak and Lexar both market the Kodak line of flash memory cards.


The introduction of the expanded capacity 1GB xD-Picture Card by Fujifilm ( is notable because of its small form factor. The xD-Picture Card is being utilized as the media card of choice for new camera introductions from Olympus and Fujifilm. One of the most recent media card form factors to be introduced, the xD card is also one of the smallest.

The 1GB xD-Picture Card is the first of the Type-M series of xD media designed to reach up to 8GB in capacity.


Hitachi ( ) recently introduced the Hitachi Travelstar 3K6 Microdrive, which offers 6GB of storage capacity. The new Microdrive can be used in digital cameras and other devices that feature CF Type II slots.

Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology ( expanded its SD product line, introducing a 512MB Elite Pro Hi-Speed SD card and a 1GB standard SD card. The Elite Pro cards provide faster transfer rates. Kingston offers 2GB and 4GB CompactFlash Elite Pro cards with read speeds up to 10MB/sec and write speeds as fast as 8MB/sec.

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