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Quantum FreeWire


Quantum FreeWire
Wireless Remote Control Unit Gets Gear in Sync


© Tom Bragg Photography

Quantum Instruments Inc.'s FreeWire is a handy device that lets you control your camera and multiple flash units by setting up a wireless link. This has been a boon to photographers who need to coordinate timing among different modes of flash photography with the same equipment.
"In most of our photographs, especially at weddings, we use up to four Quantum Q-Flash units with FreeWire receivers and one transceiver on the camera," says Tom Bragg of Tom Bragg Photography, Greer, South Carolina. "With this setup, we are able to obtain precise TTL information on all of our photos. It gives the photographer the ability to have a main, fill, and background light controlled by one transceiver, all working together to produce precise TTL flash exposures."
Four FreeWires can serve as two send/receive systems, operating on two different channels. Or all FreeWires can be set on the same channel so that they can operate as one system—a transmitter and three receivers.
A FreeWire connected to one of Quantum's TTL adapters transmits TTL information to any number of remote FreeWire/Qflash combinations. A "local" Qflash will synchronize also. Without a TTL adapter, a local Qflash and FreeWire can control exposures of any number of remote Qflash/FreeWire combinations.
FreeWire has solved the age-old problem of other cameras setting off his remote flash units, Bragg says. "The FreeWire receivers have many channels and zone settings that have eliminated this problem."
The device has eight unique channel codes, to be exact. FreeWire units set to one channel cannot activate FreeWires set to different channels. The shooter controls the channel code to make FreeWire units work together or independently, as required.
For action sports or fast fashion shoots, you can sequence up to four remote power packs, giving each pack time to recycle. FreeWire will activate the power packs in sequence, advancing to the next with each shot.
Use FreeWire's two-step motor drive cords to keep your camera meter and focus function continuously on. Your camera will be ready for instant shutter release. Or select motor drive "delay" to command a camera to "wake up," focus and meter, then release the shutter.
The FreeWire transceiver can operate as a relay, also. It receives and resends trigger signals. This feature lets you easily synchronize remote camera/remote flash set ups, or relay trigger signals to distant FreeWires.
FreeWire is compact and mounts easily to brackets, or to hot shoes using the optional UniMod attachment. A swiveling antenna stores away from damage.


3.6" x 2.3" x 1.1"
Weight: 4.3 oz. (w/ batteries)
Battery Life: TX or RX mode, one shot per minute: 7200 shots, 120 hours; Sleep mode: 500 hours; Connected to Qflash with FW31 cable: Powered by Turbo Battery.
Maximum Range: Varies with local conditions-up to 500 ft. Each Relay FreeWire adds a similar distance.
Maximum flash rate or motor drive speed
:13 fps
Maximum sync delay from camera trigger to remote flash: 1/2000 sec normal sync; 1/3000 sec. (all RX Zones ON-fast sync mode).

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