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Props and Drops
Tools to boost visual impact and revenue

Photography is all about creating a look, an illusion, an ambiance that transforms people, places, events, and moments into memorable impressions.
Backdrops and props can play an essential role in helping photographers enhance the emotional impact, appeal, and marketability of their work.
Studio Photography’s Backdrops & Props Roundup showcases a cross section of the most popular products in the marketplace today. The guide includes anecdotes from photographers who have experienced increased customer satisfaction, order size, and/or profitability by adding specific props or drops to their signature imagery.

American Photographic Resources
Marcia Altizer

American Photographic Resources
Specializing in unique photography props and backgrounds, APR has introduced the Old Wooden Bench, a great child-size prop made of solid wood for indoor/outdoor use. Its old, weathered appearance belies its sturdy, new construction. Use this versatile prop, a great value with its multi-set possibilities, for sport or fish-pond sets, with flowers in spring, or leaves in the autumn.

“APR knows the true meaning of customer service and takes great pride in their work and their products. I’ve been using their items for more than 16 years. They are constantly coming out with new props that give our photographers their competitive edge. When purchasing a prop from APR, I never have to worry about quality or how it will photograph. They have already tested them for me, saving me time and money.

“I was so excited about this new Old Wooden Bench. It’s just perfect for our new scene called Field of Dreams. We depend on APR a great deal to help us with our designs. They have fabulous props, great prices, and incredible customer service. We’re customers for life!”
-Marcia Altizer, CEO, Images 4 Kids Franchising, Dallas, TX

Artistic Backgrounds
Travis Gugelman

Artistic Backgrounds
Artistic Backgrounds provides a wide range of photographic backgrounds, with the emphasis on quality and customer service. Choose from scenics, florals, abstracts, classic old masters, dyed basic mottled, or tapestries.

“Gail Degnan’s photography backgrounds are great! She has such an eye for color harmony and composition, and she paints a large variety of designs. I am always amazed at the new ideas she comes out with. My clients really appreciate the diversity I can offer them because of Gail Degnan and Artistic Backgrounds. We’re fortunate to have them in the photography industry!”
-Kathy Wierda, M. Photographer, Bozeman, MT

Durst USA
Dorothy Walace
Backdrop Outlet
Backdrop Outlet offers a wide range of children’s hats, dresses, and accessories. Over the years, they’ve also added child-size furniture and special props—including a tricycle, baby buggy, wicker cart, and rocking horse—as well as clothing for little boys and fairy costumes. Backdrop Outlet’s recent addition of petal mats and accessories—flower bonnets, bloomers, and petal cakes—make for a fun complement to baby and fairy portraits.

“Backdrop Outlet’s vast array of children’s props and clothing, coupled with very reasonable prices, have enabled me to create a successful niche market in the area where I live and work. Moms appreciate the fact that they don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a special outfit for their child’s portrait session and are thrilled when they arrive at my studio and see what I have to offer. In addition to Backdrop Outlet’s classic clothing, I have a variety of custom-made fairy costumes and vintage-style portrait clothing that allows me to easily mix and match.”
—Dorothy Wallace, Claremont, CA

Backdrops Fantastic
Backdrops from Backdrops Fantastic are designed to bring beauty, charm, ambiance, and style to any photo shoot. Their custom backdrops will help you achieve the perfect background for your photos. Hand-painted backdrops, digital prints, custom artwork, or digital images, Backdrops Fantastic can handle all your photography needs, available for rental or purchase.

Backgrounds by Cole
Ellie Vayo

Backgrounds by Cole

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