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Taprell Loomis
© Taprell Loomis

The Panasonic Lumix camera
© Panasonic

Cokin Z-PRO Filter Holder
© Omegasatter

Zuiko Digital ED
© Olympus

Sling Shot 100 AW
© Lowepro

WiFi Signal Locator
© Mobile Edge

a. TAPRELL LOOMIS ( introduced elegant presentation packaging. The 13"x10"x5" black, matte-finish delivery bag, styled like a high-end shopping bag with cord handles, serves as a professional-looking conveyance for finished photographs. Complimentary black presentation boxes, along with gold, black, or silver stretch loops are a bonus for securing packaged presentations.

b. PANASONIC ( unveiled an addition to their super zoom category of digital still cameras. The DMC-FZ30 boasts an 8-megapixel, 12x optical zoom, and the versatility to be operated automatically or manually. The Lumix incorporates Panasonic's trademark MEGA Optical Image Stabilization and Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens, which utilizes film-traditional manual zoom and focus rings. A host of other features have been added or enhanced, including a movable LCD screen, electronic viewfinder, and adjustable dials for aperture and shutter speed control.

c. OMEGASATTER ( debuted the Cokin Z-PRO Filter-Holder, designed to store both film and digital equipment, including filters up to 1.6mm thick. The holder features a modular design for easy dismantling; a range of adaptor rings enable it to fit a large variety of lenses. The Z-PRO is fully reversible for preferential positioning and users report no vignetting for focal lengths down to 20mm.

d. OLYMPUS ( announced the Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F3.5 Full Frame Fisheye Lens in response to the increasing popularity of dramatic ultra wide-angle images of 180 degrees. Designed specifically for digital, the Zuiko comes in an easy-to-handle size and renders sharp edge-to-edge images, while offering a close focus of less than 5.5 inches. The lens can also be used in conjunction with the EVOLT E-300 digital SLR, the PT-E01 and PPO-E04 lens ports for photographing underwater at depths up to 196 feet.

e. LOWEPRO ( introduced the Sling Shot 100 AW and 200 AW, members of a new line of camera bags specifically designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to get camera gear out and ready when a shot presents itself. The bags can easily be slung or swung toward the front of the body to get to the Full Access Lid, which provides complete access to cameras, lenses, memory cards, etc., while zip-stop buckles keep equipment from falling out. Other features, including Lowepro's patented All Weather Cover, protect equipment from the elements.

f. MOBILE EDGE ( announced a better a way to locate the WiFi signal nearest you, rather than wandering around aimlessly with a booted-up laptop watching the screen and where you are going. The WiFi Signal Locater (SL) is half the size of its nearest competitor and effectively eliminates false readings caused by microwaves and cell phones using patent-pending proprietary technology.