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Ever lose a night’s sleep over business matters? Studio Photography aims to be your portable photographic business assistant each month. So if there’s a business or marketing subject you’d like us to address, please let us know.

Meanwhile, our July issue holds another generous serving of business-focused articles for and by professional photographers. Beginning with managing editor Jennifer Gidman’s cover story on Stacy and Andrea Walker, “Behind Blue Eyes”, read how the Walkers capture the inner feelings of their youngest portraiture clients, while keeping the stress level down for the anxious parents.

In Christopher Appoldt’s profile on New York food photographer Bill Truran, “Good Food”, learn Truran’s secret recipe for keeping his clients satisfied: making them look good to their bosses by making his images look great in the frozen-food aisles across the country.

“It’s Time for Your Closeup, Mr. President” , by assistant editor Tara Propper, is a closeup look at photojournalist Pete Souza and how he builds trust to gain access to his famous subjects, including President Ronald Reagan and Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

If you’re looking for a versatile, portable lighting solution to bring to indoor assignments, read John Harrington’s “Two Perfectly Brilliantly Tools for Location Shoots” , an ode to Rololight Softboxes and Lighttools Soft Egg Crates.

And to find out how to create professional-looking digital slide shows for your clients or prospective clients, check out Greg Georges’ review of Photodex ProShow Producer 3.0.

Sometimes having more than a single perspective on a product or subject can be enormously helpful. If you’re considering investing in new backdrops or props, see what our panel of industry reps told us in “The Scoop on Backdrops and Props: Trends to Guide Your Buying Decisions” . If you’re trying to find the optimal inkjet media for your gallery prints, murals, etc., the photographer testimonials and product chart in Jenn Gidman’s “Media Blitz” should prove helpful.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to explore and photograph Antarctica, read “Antarctica: Expedition to the Bottom of the World: Insights From Four Who Made the Trip”.

While we’re on the subject of extreme environs, for an intriguing view of Mongolia, read travel and fashion photographer Frederic Lagrange’s “Capturing a People and Country of Extremes”, a brief account of lessons learned during his six-year photographic project on a changing Mongolia.

If you’re thinking of framing prints for clients, for an upcoming exhibition, or for your studio, you’ll want to read “Preview Your Framed Images Prior to Purchase” to find out why Sally Alvarez says Graphik Dimensions and are a great asset to her business.

For industry updates and new products in the marketplace, check out Tara Propper’s Industry Scene and Innovations.

Our July Peer2Peer question concerned giving ancillary products to clients and vendors.

As July draws to a close, we want to remind you to look in your August issue for our second annual special report on Powerful Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Business. Once again this year, we’ll present a cross-section of successful marketing programs or projects, as submitted to us by our readers. The programs will fall into the general categories of Increasing Your Profile, Build & Maintain Client Base, Boost Customer Satisfaction, and Marketing Mix. We look forward to hearing your feedback and finding out what you think of this marketing keepsake.

Enjoy the rest of our fleeting summer. Look for us online at and while you’re there, subscribe to our biweekly newsletter.

And remember: Studio Photography means business.