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Personality is Key to Turning Brides-to-Be Into Clients

Personality is Key to Turning
Brides-to-Be Into Clients

Tailor Your Selling Technique to a Prospect's Style


We each have our own ways of transforming prospects into clients. Whatever your strategy, it starts with a lead. Once you've captured a bridal couple's attention, your follow-through is a critical factor in determining whether or not the couple becomes your newest client. Remember: leads may mean profit, and the link between the lead and the profit is the interview!

During that first interview, which may take place over the phone or face to face, your goal is to create a bond between you and the prospect. No two people are alike, but if you know how to identify a bride's-or couple's-dominant personality traits you'll be on your way to selecting the most effective approach and interview style.

See if you recognize the following four personality types:

1. The supportive personality wants to keep harmony, peace, and steadiness, is easygoing, and likes to plan ahead. They make great moms and teachers.

For this interview, you will want to talk slower, be more relaxed. This client will not make a decision until talking it over with her mother or fiancé. She will typically book you if others support her decision.

Hint: When you identify this personality over the phone, encourage her to bring her supporter to the consultation.

2. The task-oriented personality is detail-oriented and conscientious. They're often perfectionists and make great accountants! During the interview, present all the facts. Prospects will need to review everything, shop around, and make a logical decision. They will only book you if it appears to be a logical decision.

Hint: These people come to an interview with wedding planners in hand! Don't be offended if they ask questions. They only do what the planners tell them to do!

3. Prospects with an assertive personality are dominating, goal-oriented, cut-to-the-chase, get-to-the-point people. They make great managers and directors.

Don't be offended by their directness. Just ask, "What is important to you regarding your wedding photography needs?" Wait for their answer, then reply with the facts! If you give them too much information, they'll get bored and stop listening. If you offer what they are looking for, they'll fill out the contract and pay a deposit that night.

Hint: This client typically skips the tour and heads straight for the coach. They know that's where the important information will be shared and generally don't have time or patience for much else.

4. The recognition-orientation personality is a communicator and an influencer. They like prizes, recognition, friends, and fun! They make great marketing representatives, public relations reps, and performers.

For this interview, let the client talk! Praise her for the work she's done in planning the wedding and listen to all the details of her big day! She's probably been planning this wedding for a lifetime, so make her feel special and important. Bond with her as a friend, and she'll put a deposit down that day!

Hint: Don't be offended when this bride-to-be looks at your images, not to necessarily determine the quality of the photographs, but to find the perfect dress, flowers, and shoes to wear! Paint yourself into her picture and you will be the one capturing her day!

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