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Parting Shot
Dan Merkel photographs surfers in Hawaii

Capturing jaws

Dan Merkel shot this image of Mark Healey in Maui at a surfspot called "Jaws." According to Merkel, there were only two ways to capture this image: either from a boat or the back of a jet ski. "You have to be above the water, because the waves are really big," he explains. Choosing the boat option, Merkel set out to shoot images of sponsored surfers in the hopes of selling to various surf companies. "I launched the boat from Kahalui in Maui. It was very difficult launching that day because the waves were so big, and the surge in the harbor was incredible," he says. From sunup to sunset, Merkel shot images at super fast speeds (a minimum of 1/800th of a second) using his Canon EOS-1V or EOS-1VN, along with two lenses--a 70-200mm and 300mm lens. For more of Merkel's work, go to

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