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Parting Shot
An Image with bite

Hired by Ghiradelli Choclate, photographer Thomas Broening worked with the company's art director to create a captivating image that turned heads. We think he delivered ten-fold. Suffused with rich colors and shapes, the photograph makes it hard for the viewer not to get lost in the dusky scene. Shooting with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II; and with a team of about 15 people, Broening's biggest hurdle to overcome was matching the subject with the cityscape. "The balcony and background was shot separately and then put together in post. The tricky part was to make the image look believable," explains Broening. "I had to use the same lens in both shots. I also had to create lighting in the foreground that looked realistic." Broening used an Elichrome Octoband with a Profoto Bitube head to backlight the model. "The background plate for the bridge took about an hour; lighting and shooting the model took half a day," explains Broening. After a week of retouching, Broening's dramatic image was complete. See more of Thomas Broening's work at

Image by Thomas Broening