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Parting Shot

Capturing the Newness in Newborns

When we asked Michele Celentano about some of the logistical issues that went into capturing this shot, she explained that getting the baby to sleep was the first step. Keeping him asleep as they maneuvered his body and clicked the shutter, however, was the second (and more challenging) step. "Mom also needed to be okay with lifting the infant in the fabric," she adds. In fact, three people were involved in this process: Celentano at her camera, the mom holding the baby a few inches from a pillow he'd been sleeping on, and Grandma close by with towels and blankets. With three generations at her side, Celentano shot for about an hour. "The concept was to reflect a peaceful, sound feeling of the baby curled up as if still inside his mother," she explains. Using a Canon 5D with a 70-200mm IS f/2.8 lens, Celentano manipulated available light coming in from the left of the image with one large silver reflector placed to the right. The photograph was made into a 16x24 fine-art print. "It's one of those things you can't do with every baby," Celentano says. "It has its challenges, which is what makes capturing this type of image one of my favorite things to do." See more of her work at

Image by Michele Celentano