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Parting Shot

Keeping it Simple

Wedding and lifestyle photographer Rae Barnes likes to keep her photo shoots flexible and comfortable. "Our 'setup' shots are always very relaxed," she explains. "I certainly don't take long to get a shot." Our February "Parting Shot" image was a product of one of her more laid-back shooting sessions: "I asked my client to walk away from me. Everything else, including where she looked, was her choice." The mission for the cold autumn day was to capture a series of bridal portraits on Middle Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks in northern New York. "Once we got to the water, I stopped using artificial light and began to manipulate the end-of -day yummy golden light," Barnes explains. "I spot-metered on this particular take (in-camera), but had to watch my metering since the sun was low and very strong." Shooting with an 85mm f/1.4 Nikkor lens with the Nikon D700 and no flash, Barnes shot a couple of frames while her husband, Chris, helped carry equipment. "I prefer to have just one camera on me and one set up, ready to go," she says. "If I get what I envision on the first, second, or third try, great. If not, I move on. I don't want my clients to become stiff or impatient. I want to capture them as naturally as possible." See more of Rae Barnes' work at

Image By Rae Barnes