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Parting Shot
Framing History

Shooting amid a crowd of more than 100,000 in Chicago's Grant Park on November 4th, Justin Sullivan, a Getty Images ( photographer, captured history in his lens. "I had the choice between being in the crowd and a cut riser on the opposite side of the stage. I chose the crowd because this was such a historic event, and I knew there would be a significant reaction from the people," he explains. Ordinarily, Sullivan will move around with his Canon EOS 1D Mark III, so he can catch different angles; however, like so many things that happened during the 2008 Presidential Election, this particular night was an anomaly. "When security is high, you usually have to stay put for several hours. Events where the president is involved, secret service requires you to be in the same place at least 2 hours beforehand, and sometimes longer," he explains. Standing for about six hours among excited Americans young and old, waving flags with faith and anticipation, Sullivan gave those of us that weren't a part of that crowd a window into this historic moment.

Image By: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan