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Parting Shot
Meticulous setup means quick to capture

Lighting diagram for John Russo's image of Tennis Pro Serena Williams.
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We asked John Russo how long it took him to capture this shot of tennis pro Serena Williams. His answer: "About five minutes." For Russo, setting the proper lighting, and designating tasks to his crew helps to make his shooting process seamless. "I have an extremely efficient crew. We don't usually experience logistical issues," he explains. A Profoto Acute 2 2400 in a Mola beauty dish was used for the main light; a Profoto Acute 2 2400 was placed behind Williams for separation, with two more near the edges of the background as hair/separation lights. [Ed. note: go to to see the lighting diagram.] After an hour of setting up, Russo went to work, shooting with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II. "The images are imported into Capture One Pro, the exposures are adjusted, and then the images are edited. We create a low res selection clients access through our Livebooks website. With the client's selections made, images are retouched, and sent via ftp," Russo explains. And how did Serena's reps respond to the image? According to Russo, "the client loved the shot." For more of Russo's images, go to

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