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Pete Townsend before touch-up

Bernie Walters ( began photographing rock concerts in 1964. What began as a teenage hobby turned into an adult passion. Years later, he became president of the International Rock and Roll Music Association, shooting his favorite rock stars and other celebrities for "Communiqué," official publication of IRMA.

Images by Bernie Walters

Pete Townsend after touch-up
Images by Bernie Walters

I have been taking photographs since 1964. I used to go to lots of rock concerts. Later, while working in the music business, I photographed artists such as The Rolling Stones, Leon Russell, The Pretenders, and Ray Davies of The Kinks.

Life went on and I stashed my slides and negatives in a closet and moved on to other things. Then, about three years ago, I decided to revisit my old images. What I found were some great shots, many of which were scratched and dusty, marked and spotty.

I tried using Photoshop to fix them, but my Photoshop skills aren't great. I gave some images to a local photographer, who said he could do the restoration work. While he did a decent job, it was extremely expensive and time consuming. With all the images I had, using his services was not a long-term solution. to the Rescue

Then, last year at PhotoPlus Expo, I visited the booth and took one of their business cards. While I didn't know the quality of their work, I knew I wanted to improve my images for gallery showings and for printing. Since their prices were reasonable, I decided to give them a try. I sent a rather simple restoration, where they just needed to remove marks and scratches.

What impressed me right away was how easy it was to upload an image to The on-screen instructions were detailed and easy to follow, and the image uploaded quickly. Shortly after sending the image, I received an email confirmation of my submission. When they finished restoring my image, I received another email with easy, clear download instructions.

When I downloaded the image, I was very impressed. All the marks and scratches were gone. Plus, I received the file back in less than one day.

Once I knew they were reliable and their work was good, I started sending more images, as well as more complicated restorations. I had some images where there was an arm or another object blocking the subject. In many cases, was able to remove the blockage and give new life to an image I might have otherwise discarded.

While the company website suggests you allow three business days for a complex restoration, I often receive mine in 12 to 24 hours! Plus, their prices are amazing. I paid my photographer friend four times the price for his restorations before I found!

I've also found them to be innovative. Recently, I gave them an image and asked them to change the background from a bush to a solid colored wall. The image came out great, and you could not tell that it had been modified! The results were extremely impressive.

I have had about 20 to 30 images restored in the past month. I am in the process of building a portfolio and developing a website. Now I can also solicit galleries to do a show of my collection. I could never have done all this without the quality restoration work done by I wish I had met them two years ago. It would have saved me lots of time and aggravation!

Finally, I want to mention their excellent customer service. If you're not satisfied with a restoration, just send them an email with your concerns. Their customer service reps are polite, courteous, and will redo the restoration at no charge. Billing is easy. They accept PayPal or credit cards. If you're a regular customer, talk to them about opening a business account.

I would recommend for any photo that you want to restore, repair, or revive.