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William Love

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William Love

William Love

In 1970, I went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago to enter the architectural rendering field. I took a photography class and my career took a new direction. I like to tell people I traded in my brush and canvas for film and a camera.

About seven years ago, I reluctantly joined the digital photography revolution. I was not much of a computer person, but I could see that this was the future of our business, so I jumped on board.

My webmaster had designed a template on my website, www.VisionsUnlimitedKC.
, where I could post images for weddings and other events. But I became frustrated by how much time it took to do post-production on the images, burn a CD, give it to my webmaster, and wait for the images to appear online. Plus, I had a long Web link clients had to type to view my images. I needed a simple solution.

I share a studio space with two other photographers in Kansas City, one of whom, Mark Baltzley, recommended I try I called company president and founder John Phoenix and told him I'm a Mac user and wanted to make sure the site would work well for Mac and PC users. Once we resolved a few issues, everything ran beautifully.

The site is extremely user-friendly. Once you enter some basic information about your studio, everything runs automatically from the site. The upload speed for images is very fast and pricing is very economical. You can buy a monthly plan or work on a yearly basis and upload images on an unlimited basis. You can change plans as needed for your business.

For most photographers, billing is a challenge, but I don't have to worry about getting paid with this arrangement. Emails automatically let me know when an order has been placed and when payments are deposited into my account.

The people at bend over backward to make sure we get what we need to better market and sell our photos. That's because John and the whole team are all professional photographers. They know the frustrations and pressures we are under and, most importantly, the things we need to do to get our clients the products they deserve.

Just recently they added studio name branding as a feature, so I can send customers directly to my website to view events. This is so awesome, because my clients only see my name associated with any event they view.

In addition to offering studio name branding, continues to add major upgrades to help photographers build brand awareness and increase sales. For example, my clients can now compare two images, side by side, to determine the best photo to purchase. A new "favorite folder" function allows guests to easily track their favorite photos to view later.

Events are "live" for 60 days and the website has an auto email system to remind my guests to order prints before the event expires, or to opt out if they prefer. All of this is done seamlessly, so my Visions Unlimited brand is prominent. I also look forward to using some of their upcoming features, such as online lab fulfillment and purchasing top-quality DVD slide shows for my clients.

The company puts a major emphasis on customer service. Sometimes I feel like I'm their only customer because they are so quick and responsive.

For an easy, economical way to post your images on your website and increase your online sales, is the professional photographer's best choice.

William Love, of Visions Unlimited LLC (, based in Louisburg, Kansas, is an award-winning photographer with 23 years' experience in commercial, industrial, and architectural photography. He's worked in Korea with J. Walter Thompson advertising agency for Hyatt International Hotels, KLM/Northwest Airlines, Hyundai, and other clients. National accounts include Burger King, Price Candy, Faultless Starch, and Schering Plough. Local accounts include Heartland Corp., Pro Star Sports, Horizon Project, Inc. (division of Faultless Starch), Kansas City Comets soccer team, and Kansas City Blades and Kansas City Outlaws hockey teams.