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OnOne Software's PhotoFrame Pro 3
Give your images a novel edge

PhotoFrame Pro
PhotoFrame Pro
woman coming out of water
Images by Scott Stulberg

woman in water
Images by Scott Stulberg

To create a unique edge and border effect around your photographs back in the darkroom days, you had to buy extra negative carriers and file each one separately to produce those effects. These "sloppy borders" provided alternatives to the straight lines on the sides of your photographs and gave select photos a different look and feel.

Fast-forward to today. Recreating these effects has become incredibly easy thanks to PhotoFrame Pro 3 from onOne Software. PhotoFrame Pro 3 lets you choose from thousands of frames and mats that add a perfect finishing touch to any photograph in seconds. I find that going through frame after frame and tweaking each image until it looks perfect is totally addicting. Choose from an incredible range of edge effects while previewing every effect and option in real time. I have used this software since its inception. The latest version offers many enhancements, making it one of the premier Photoshop plug-ins.

My favorite new feature in PhotoFrame Pro 3 is the Frame Browser, which previews the frames and mats. It's so much faster than the old method of navigating outside the preview window to select frames. Frame Brower includes a Frame Preview Grid, which previews images, side by side, with multiple frames for easy comparison.

The user interface is easy to navigate, the controls are laid out clearly, and has a huge area to preview your frames. Hundreds of realistic-looking frames have been added to the already huge collection. Some photographers have created custom PhotoFrames as the signature for their images.

A Breeze to Master

PhotoFrame Pro 3 is a snap to master. After installing, explore an amazing variety of edges and frames to find the one that compliments your image. Adjust your favorite frames in real time with a click of your mouse.

Making custom preset frames is simple. They can include multiple frames, custom drop shadows, borders, textures, colors, bevels, blurs, and glows. You can play with every aspect of each frame, flipping and stretching it to produce the precise look and feel you desire. You can even combine several frames and alternate the background color of each to create the illusion you developed the image with traditional darkroom techniques.

Personal Favorites

On a recent photo assignment in Turkey, I shot an image of a girl underwater. I wanted to make this image look like it was scanned 35mm film, with a traditional film border around it. In just a few minutes, I was able to find the perfect frame for the image (below), saving valuable time trying to create it any other way. I saved that frame, along with many others in my "favorites" section, which is a great place to store your top frames and presets.

PhotoFrame Pro 3 also gives you the option to place the frame on a new layer, which is something all plug-ins should do. It also comes with a new Layer Mask Mode, which applies border effects directly as a layer mask.

OnOne's new Pro Digital Frame Bundle contains custom frames and presets designed by Jim DiVitale, Jack Davis, Helene Glassman, Rick Sammon, and Vincent Versace. These custom frame sets are available separately or bundled as an enhancement to PhotoFrame Pro 3. I've used many of these frames and can tell you they're pretty stunning.

I love finding software that gives a huge bang for the buck. PhotoFrame Pro 3 delivers, big time. If you're looking for something novel, PhotoFrame Pro 3 and the new Pro Digital Frame Bundle offer unlimited ways to boost your images' impact—and your bottom line.

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