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Look, But Don't Touch!


Look, But Don't Touch!

Protect Your Profits with FlipAlbum by E-Book Systems

Text & Images by Bruce William Ashforth Every so often a product comes out that's so fantastic, you wonder how you got along without it. FlipAlbum Professional Edition by E-Book Systems is such a product.

What makes it so attractive is its ability to solve a key business problem: customers copying our images and not paying for them. Every print a customer makes is one less sale we make

FlipAlbum eliminates that problem by letting us deliver hi-res images in a flipping album format, while preventing unwanted copying or printing. Once your images are in a digital format—either from capture or scanning—you load them into your IBM-compatible PC (no Mac version at this time) and the software does the rest. It gives you thumbnails, an index, a contents page, and lots of customizing options. And with FlipAlbum Professional edition, customers are unable to copy or print images you have encrypted.

Version 4.2 even lets you select a time frame after which FlipAlbum will no longer work. Set it for, say, 30 days from the time the CD is first run, key it to your price list and ordering information, and after that, the client won't be able to open it or order at your old prices.

Wedding photographers take hundreds of photos at an event. Whether the images start out as digital files or film, we wind up giving our clients images to select for their albums and special orders. With FlipAlbum wedding couples can make side-by-side comparisons or bounce between images, at home at their leisure. If they have a PC with a CD drive at home, you can burn a CD, label it, put it in a jewel case with a printed insert—all for under $2.50.

Portrait photographers often have mothers and children come in during the day to review the proofs, but dads often can't come in until the evening. Now, portrait photographers can put the images on a CD and send them home.

For senior photographers, the incidence of copying is an even greater problem. Kids in school know how to use scanners and inkjet printers, so they're able to make prints for themselves. This program prevents them from making illegal copies, but gives them hi-res proofs to review. There's a lot less work to do in terms of bringing the seniors into the studio, since they can see their images on their home computers.

Commercial and stock photographers who have to submit portfolios or a selection of images can burn photos to a CD using FlipAlbum Pro software, and send them to an art director or editor. They can record up to 650MB on the CD with just those images that relate to what the buyer is looking for—and have absolute assurance that the pictures can't be copied without being purchased.

Other advantages:
Ordering by telephone is a breeze. I put names on the tops of pages, so if customers want to call in an order we can go directly to their selections from the menu on top of the screen.

FlipAlbum software lets you put together a sample portfolio instead of preparing and sending large, heavy, expensive presentation portfolios to prospective clients. Just send them hi-res images on a CD made with FlipAlbum Pro. When they place their order, provide hi-res files or prints.

Using FlipAlbum shows customers you're on the leading edge. Working digitally is a plus, and says you're ahead of the game.

The package comes with straightforward advice and excellent help files. Go to the website,, to download more detailed tricks and tips.

When you discover how this product can help your business, you'll flip.

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