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Life, Only Better

Dan Lim's fashion, advertising, and lifestyle images stand out not just for their captivating stories and eye-catching style. It's because they take real life, and make it better.

The results have brought larger-than-life success for Lim with clients such as American Express, AT&T, BMG Music, BPM Culture magazine, Columbia House, Domtar Papers, Eastman Kodak, Flare magazine, Interview magazine, IMAX, Nike, and Sony.

"I'm a people person," Lim concedes. "Although I can shoot still-life photography, I'm totally in my element when I'm photographing people. I just crave being on set and the interaction I get with the talent, my crew, and clients."


This photographer is loving his transition to digital. "Vistek, the photo retailer I do business with in Toronto, has kept me updated on all the developments with digital capture photography. I switched to shooting digital last year because the technology had gotten to the point where the resolution from a single-capture shot met my commercial requirements."

Lim favors the Phase One H20 because of the single-shot 47MB file size it yields. He finds the software interface simple to use and feedback from his film house (pre-press suppliers) has been positive. "They like the way the files have been captured in RGB. The conversions to CMYK have been relatively easy for them." He archives images on CD and double backs up the selects on DVD, using Extensis Portfolio 6.1.

"I think the biggest advantage to shooting digital is knowing you've got the shot right there on set, the instant feedback. You can check lighting, focus, composition, talent expression, and, it's all high-resolution. Come time to edit, we can quickly mark down our selects and the alts."


Lim works with rep Suzy Johnston to promote his work in different venues. His portfolio is always fresh and the website ( is an instant reference. In November 2002, I.D. Magazine named his website the Bronze winner in its Interactive Media Design review. And his site won third place in the 2002 International Praktica Awards in Paris for Best Photography Web Site worldwide.


Movies and life are Lim's primary visual influences. As he says, "To be a stand-out photographer takes a commitment to one's own eye. Be aware of current trends, but don't fall into the trap of following them unless they're in sync with your style."

Lim takes us behind the scenes of some of his most effective ad campaigns, as featured in this article.

New Heights. "I cast aerial hoop artists, not models, to convey a real sense of performance. It was a true collaborative project with art director John Rocca, stylist Peter Papapetrou, and hair/makeup artist Adrian Morassut."

BPM Culture magazine. "The creative called for lots of movement and animation from the models. A hot, sticky summer day, it wasn't long before the models would begin to sweat, so we kept their on-set time brief. Shooting digitally they saw the results right away, and could change poses quickly."

Flare magazine. "I wanted a stark environment to enhance the structured, modern-looking clothes for this fashion story. Salt mines seemed the perfect surreal contrast for red clothes. The overcast day enhanced the feeling and clouds were added digitally."

Seromani. "This series was created because I stumbled upon these amazing, stainless steel architectural tiles. I loved the way they reflected light and just had to do a shoot with them."

As we said, life only better.

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