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what's hot in the photo marketplace

by Diane Berkenfeld

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ( introduces E100G and E100GX films, offering extremely fine grain with the same look and color balance as their predecessor E100S and E100SW slide films. Available in 35mm and 120, the films use Kodak's T-Grain Emulsion Technology for ultra-fine grain. E100G offers smooth neutral tones and whiter whites; the E100GX offers a touch of warmth.

Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company

AUTO FX SOFTWARE ( introduced Mystical Lighting, a stand-alone software program and Adobe Photoshop plug-in that offers users creative filters to enhance their digital images. When your photo contains the right composition and subject, but the lighting doesn't portray the right tone and feel, try Mystical Lighting for a creative touch. Mystical Lighting Auto FX Software lets users improve the look and feel of their images by controlling lighting and shading. Sixteen unique visual effects including Edge Highlights, Mist, Spotlight, and ShadowPlay offer realistic effects to enhance photographs.

Manufacturer: Auto FX Software

SONY ( has expanded its line of digital cameras with the introduction of the DSC-V1. The new DSC-V1 offers many of the features found in the DSC-F717 in a completely different form factor. The camera was designed with the look of a traditional rangefinder camera and offers a new Zeiss zoom lens with a 4x range and a 5-megapixel CCD. The DSC-V1 also features a number of manual controls and automatic functions. The camera incorporates the Hologram AF, Nightshot, and Nightframing features of the DSC-F717.

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation

BOGEN PHOTO ( has introduced the Outdoor Cubelite, taking the company's original Cubelite one step further. The Outdoor Cubelite can be placed directly over a subject, or with the back removed, photographed in its natural surroundings with soft, even lighting, and no shadows. The Cubelite is made of all-weather steel and has a removable base and back. Lastolite products are distributed by Bogen Photo in the United States.

Manufacturer: Lastolite

REMEMBRANCE CARDS ( introduces unique photo keepsakes that you can offer your clients to commemorate weddings and other special events. These plastic credit-card sized photos will not bend or rip like ordinary wallet photo prints. Remembrance Cards can also be created in a smaller "keychain fob" size. Text can be added (see below) as you see fit and small quantities can be ordered online. The company also offers two versions of the printing system for in-house card creation.

Manufacturer: Remembrance Cards/C2G Card Technologies