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announces the RotaCam Tripod Head for the Mamiya 645AF series and Mamiya non-auto focus 645 series. The RotaCam Tripod Head is similar in design to the RotaCam 645AF and 645 series flash/camera bracket. Designed especially for portrait, fashion, and nature photographers, the Head is a quick and easy solution for composition changes on the fly. A unique sliding arc (or cam) moves the camera from a horizontal to a vertical position quickly and easily. Since the camera rotates on its lens axis, there's no need to re-compose or re-focus; just swing the camera and shoot.
Manufacturer: Mamiya America Corp.

has introduced its TR-2000 Universal High Voltage Battery Pack System. Features include universal capability; ultra-compact, ergonomically contoured shape; and the latest microprocessor control technology, all of which ensure safe, reliable voltage-regulated power on demand. Within its tough, rubberized matte black housing are unique features that include both high and low voltage output ports. This universal capability permits it to power a wide range of flashes, requiring either high or low voltage input, via a battery compartment module. Three plug-in connector cords make the TR-2000 compatible with all Sunpak flashes having either a three- or two-pin high- voltage input socket, as well as power cords from other manufacturers' power pack systems.
Manufacturer: ToCAD America Inc.
is showing a new heavy-duty power cord, the MDC6. This power cord, used with the Quantum Battery 5+ (QB5+), supplies power to the Canon EOS 1D digital camera. Just connect the MDC6 into the camera's DC input jack and you're ready to go! You'll never be caught without power. The QB5+'s high capacity and "fuel gauge" LED monitor keep you up and running. Power comes from reliable sealed lead cells that exhibit none of the "memory" effects of some other types of batteries.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments
introduced at Imaging USA 2002 the PowerPhase FX+ scanning back for use with view cameras. The FX+ comes with new software and is suitable for any application where large, dynamic file size is needed. It produces 380MB files that can be transferred to the computer at 240MB per minute (depending on exposure) due to the fast FireWire connection. Support of lighting sources including tungsten, daylight, HMI, and fluorescent also make this system extremely versatile. New software enables users to easily convert images to a color space and resolution suitable for reproduction of postcards, brochures, web publishing, or direct color printing. Also included are Quick Time VR, Batch Processing, Uniform Light, and Focusing tools.
Manufacturer: Phase One
has introduced a new Carl Zeiss zoom lens for the 645 system. The Vario-Sonnar T* f/4.5 45-90mm mid-range lens is suitable for photojournalists and wedding photographers, and incorporates the Dual Focus Mechanism. The lens provides moderate wide-angle to normal coverage. It's also suitable for general, landscape, event, and location photography. The lens is approximately equivalent to a 28-55mm (in 35mm format) and allows for greater flexibility when space is limited and working distances do not allow the use of a longer focal length lens.
Manufacturer: Contax North America, a division of Kyocera Optics Inc.