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( announces the GL2 DV camcorder, which offers still shooters-turned-videographers pro-level features and functions, superior picture quality, and creative flexibility. Key features include three 410,000 pixel CCD imaging sensors, improved pixel shift technology, 20x professional L-Series fluorite optical zoom (the 35mm equivalent of 39mm-790mm!), 100x digital zoom, and a built-in memory card that accepts SD and MultiMedia cards for digital stills. Stills can also be recorded to the MiniDV tape for approximately six minutes with digital stereo audio and incorporated into the video. The GL2 accepts Canon EOS film and digital still camera Speedlite flash units for additional light.
Manufacturer: Canon U.S.A., Inc.

( upgraded its Netprinter 812 digital printer-adding a Calibration On-Board feature and a Microtek ArtixScan 1100 flatbed scanner-to give Netprinter 812 users the ability to perform routine calibrations on the printer without service assistance. Delivering fine image quality, flexibility, and ease of use, the Netprinter 812 is most effective as a volume printer of package prints, sports, school, and school composite prints, and wedding portraiture, as well as business and greeting cards. The Netprinter 812's wide range of profitable digital applications serve to enhance client options and increase order size.
Manufacturer: Gretag Imaging

( announces the Digisix (GO 4006), an ultracompact, feature-full, high-quality exposure meter small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Distributed by Bogen Photo in the U.S., the Gossen Digisix also has a clock and alarm, timer for long exposures, and a precision digital thermometer that stores high and low values. Weighing in at a featherlight 1.5 ounces (including battery!), the meter sports a digital read- out and an analog scale for ambient light levels, measurable in reflective and incident modes.
Manufacturer: Gossen

( introduces its Perma-Bound Flush Mount Album, for digital and traditional wedding photography. With the impact of a flush mount album at a cost-conscious price, the album creates a perfect showcase for complex digital montages, multiple images in a single 10x10 or 8x10 print. Available with Onyx hardware and insert trim, in both Aristohyde and Metro Leather. Metal corners provide maximum protection and easy page turning.
Manufacturer: Art Leather/GNP

( continues technological innovations with its new XL30 ColorView family of projectors. The line, which includes the XL30 Color View, XL25 ColorView, and SL25 ColorView, now offers more brightness, enhanced video, and extremely quiet operation. Also features Mitsubishi's 6-axis color control system, ColorView natural color Matrix, and sRGB, Microsoft's color standard.
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America