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announces Two-Step Motor Drive cords for FreeWire wireless Digital Transceivers, which let you focus and trigger your camera from considerable distances. Use the Kodak DCS 760 Digital Camera with the FW44 in conjuntion with FreeWire digital transceivers (FW10). Put the Kodak DCS 760 behind a soccer goal net for a different perspective or have freedom of movement when taking children's portraits. Press and hold the test button down on your FreeWire digital transceiver to transmit the signal to wake up, focus, and fire all remote cameras.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments

announced Impression DVD-Pro 2.2, the latest upgrade of its DVD authoring software. In addition to offering more high-end features than other authoring software, Impression DVD-Pro 2.2 provides direct output to 4.7GB DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+KRW discs, hard drives, DLT, and CDs. The ability to drag and drop video clips in the timeline, set chapter points, and link the video and chapters to buttons makes it easy for those transitioning from video editing to authoring. Among its other high-end features are motion menus, multiple video angles, and multiple subtitle support.
Manufacturer: Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
announced enhancements to its KPro RFS 3600 Film Scanner that mean greater flexibility, control, and ease of use. The tabletop scanner's new v2.10 host software gives users the freedom to resize the preview window, select 300-, 600-, or 900-dpi pre-scan resolutions, view up to 40 thumbnails, embed ICC profiles in their image files, select the number of times each line is scanned, output film scanner data at 2-bytes per pixel, and list the filmstrip's starting frame number. The new software ships with all new units and is available as a free download from the KPro website for current RFS 3600 scanners. The scanner has a 3.6 dynamic range, batch-scanning capabilities, 3,600-dpi optical resolution, and 12-bit data conversion.
Manufacturer: Kodak Professional
debuted the S490 ColorView Projector, the only SVGA projector with over 2500 ANSI lumens. An economic, versatile presentation tool on par with XGA projectors, the S490 includes sRGB compliance along with Mitsubishi's award-winning ColorView Natural Color Matrix, IRIS (Intelligent Room Illumination Sensor) control, and Smart Hub network connectivity. Display (RGB) and print (CMY) color palettes can be independently adjusted like a graphic equalizer, creating more accurate colors and realistic images.
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
announced the Polaris Dual 5 spot meter, which has all the features of the original Polaris 2 plus a built-in, rotating, 5-degree spot meter. Distributed in the U.S. by OmegaSatter, the Dual 5 has features previously found only on higher-priced meters, such as an oversized, easy-to-read backlight LCD display panel, up to 25 shutter speed selections (eight more than most meters) including in-between speeds specific to popular cameras, four separate exposure modes, and over-under exposure customization.
Manufacturer: Aspen Corporation