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introduced the 8500 Digital Photo Printer, which produces photo-quality pictures in 75 seconds per 8x10-inch image, faster than other thermal-based and inkjet printers in the $1,000 price range. Designed for the independent portrait studios as a faster, quality alternative for photo proofs and finished prints, Kodak Professional's 8500 Digital Photo Printer is a compact, portable printer that can go on the road, on site, and on the desktop, creating a wealth of business opportunities for any photographer.
Manufacturer: Kodak Professional

expanded its popular family of Lowel Rifa-lites with the Baby Rifa 44. An ultra compact, self-contained, 250W collapsible, tungsten/halogen soft light, uses the classic umbrella-like Rifa design that allows setup in 60 seconds or less. The Rifa 44 uses a wide range of lamps, 50-300W, and has a quick-change cord that easily converts for use with pro battery belts, allowing it to work at 12/14 and 30 volts, as well as 120 & 230 volts.
Manufacturer: Lowel-Light Manufacturing, Inc.
debuted its ActionDome ENG, a mini softbox with adjustable hardware that fits onto nearly all on-camera video lights. Developed as a versatile lighting tool for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) professionals, the 5x7-inch ActionDome ENG uses Photoflex's standard softbox diffusion, and the diffusion face removes easily to go from soft light to hard. An Adjustable Hardware Kit lets you mount the ActionDome onto most lighting heads with 5/8- and 3/8-inch receivers and shoe-mount adapters.
Manufacturer: Photoflex, Inc.
debuted the Pro Digix film proofing system, which helps wedding and portrait photographers eliminate paper proofs while presenting images in an attractive, nonreproducible form. The Pro Digix, model DXP, produces a positive video image from 35mm or medium-format film that can be projected on a TV screen for presentation to clients, recorded on a VCR to create video proof tapes, or used with a video capture card to create computer images for posting on the Internet or burned to a CD.
Manufacturer: Videoptics, Inc.
announced the Multi Clip FW26, which attaches to the back of a wireless FreeWire Digital Transceiver FW10 and clips to your belt. Take the Multi Clip/FreeWire combo off your belt and quick mount it to a Quantum Battery Clamp QBC attached to a light stand or tripod. Or use the Multi Clip to attach your FreeWire Digital Transceiver to the L Bar of the Qflash Multi Bracket QF72 or other camera bracket. May be used with the Radio Slave 4i and Radio Slave 4.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments