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introduces the Kodak Professional ML 500 Digital Photo Print System, a new thermal output system that operates four to six times faster than standard dye-sub prints and parallels digital photo prints in productivity. Featuring fine color reproduction and the ability to produce matte and gloss finishes in the studio, lab, or onsite, the ML 500 prints 8x10-inch photos in only 13 seconds, as many as 270 8x10-inch prints per hour, and more than 500 5x7-inch prints per hour.
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Company

announced an enhanced version of its award-winning SprintScan 4000: the SprintScan 4000 Plus. In addition to scanning 35mm slides, negs, and APS film formats, the new scanner offers Firewire and USB connectivity; an increased dynamic range, 4.2 Dmax; an optical resolution of 4,000 dpi, and a scan time of under a minute for 35mm slides. The scanner comes with an advanced software suite: Polaroid PolaColor Insight Pro, Silverfast Ai 5.5, and HDR by Lasersoft.
Manufacturer: Polaroid Corporation
introduces three monoblock flash units-the 250DX, for small studios, location work, or portraits; the 500DX, Bowens' best-selling product, adds to any commercial or portrait lighting system; and the 1000DX, a gentle giant that performs best in high light-output, hard-working studio conditions. The new units feature Bowens digital power control and boast many of the advanced features incorporated in the Esprit Digital 750, including full IR control.
Manufacturer: Bowens International
has introduced Anti-Moire filters for digital camera backs, e.g., Phase One, Kodak, and MegaVision. While moire increases with image sharpness, requiring after-capture retouching, these filters eliminate the need for electronic touchups by eliminating the pattern at the source. The filters mount on any lens using step-up or step-down rings, or a Caprock adapter.
Manufacturer: Caprock Developments
has launched FlexHood Products, a line of accessories for digital SLRs, including the Nikon D1, Fujifilm FinePro S1, Kodak DCS 720, and Canon D30. FlexHoods are extenders of existing hoods that allow for extra protection from flare without blocking the view or causing vignetting. They can be used in-studio to block back and side lighting, and on location to protect from sun and even rain. Some are reversible; all FlexHoods act as neutral density filters.
Manufacturer: True Digital Photo Company
presents the Presentation Digital Image Viewer and File Management System, created for wedding photographers to reduce production time, increase sales, and stay organized. The system features Pro Browser, PB Viewer, and Performer FM programs, which can be purchased together or individually. Pro Browser lets you edit and sort images for client previewing; and present images to clients in PB Viewer. Performer FM helps extract selected images, enter order information, create the order, and generate invoices. Once an order is entered and images placed on CD, just send to any digital lab for processing.
Manufacturer: Performer Software
introduced new TTL adapters for FreeWire wireless transceivers that work with its Qflash T and Qflash X and the following camera brands: FW52 is the wireless TTL adapter for Nikon (except D1, D1H, D1X); FW53N for Canon (except D30); FW57 for Pentax; FW59 for Hasselblad; FW60 for Bronica; FW64 for Contax 645; and FW65 for Mamiya 645AF. Qflash-FreeWire combos can be positioned without TTL extension cables getting in the way.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments
introduces the 405 Pro Digital Geared Head, designed for digital photographers who shoot with medium-format or 35mm camera/backs up to 15 lbs. Distributed in the U.S. by Bogen Photo Corp., the 405 has large, easy-to-grip knobs for smooth, positive, geared control through 360-degree pan and +90 degree -30 degree frontal and lateral tilt. It also lets you instantly disengage the gears to position the camera by hand, then reengage for ultra precise final alignment.
Manufacturer: Manfrotto
a leading manufacturer of mounted and slip-in albums, introduces a new line of Mosaic Mooless Leather folios, made with vinyl that has the look and feel of leather, in grained and smooth Vienna textures. Wing style has one large and four small Mosaic mats; Book style, which comes in large, medium, and small, uses two same-size Mosaic mats; and the large Panorama style, which needs no mats.
Manufacturer: Capri Album Company
debuts the FinePix S2 Pro Digital Camera, a new SLR-type digital with capture, storage, and transfer capabilities that make it ideal in the studio and offsite. The S2 delivers hi-res images, has a CCD Raw mode, a dual-storage media option, and a Nikon F mount. With a shutter speed of 30 to 1/4000 second, continuous shooting of approximately 2 fps up to 7 frames, and an ISO range of equivalents 100 through 1600, the S2 also offers four shooting modes, four exposure modes, five program modes, and nine white balance modes.
Manufacturer: Fuji Photo Film U.S.A.