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What's Hot in the Photo Marketplace TEXT BY ELIZABETH FRISZELL

Canon ( introduces its EOS-lDs with a full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor that offers 11.1 megapixels of resolution. Features include 45-point autofocus, 21-point evaluative metering, 10-mode white balance, and an E-TTL auto flash system. The camera can simultaneously record RAW and Jpeg files. Canon's new File Viewer Utility allows photographers to process the RAW files into Tiffs or Jpegs. Canon also introduced the EF 2470mm f/2.8L USM lens. Manufacturer: Canon

Lastolite ( introduces a collapsible reflector with a built-in handle. The Lastolite Tri-Grip is a revolutionary improvement in collapsible reflectors. By replacing the traditional round reflector with a triangular design, it combines the ability to collapse the product down and the ability to hold itself rigid. Tri-Grips measure approximately 33-inches on each side. The two-sided reflectors are available in silver/white, gold/white, and sunfire/silver. Also new from Lastolite is the Outdoor Cubelite. Manufacturer: Bogen Photo Corp.

Quantum ( has added the Qflash T2D and X2D Digital upgrades, providing new features for the working pro shooter. All Qflash T2 and X2 models can be upgraded to the T2D and X2D Digital. The upgrades offers new features and capabilities, such as the automatic fill mode, which allows setting fill flash ratios when used with one of the new QTTL adapters. The automatic sensor limit limits the distance the Qflash sensor sees when in Auto mode. Manufacturer: Quantum

Imacon ( announces the Flextight 646, a high-end affordable CCD scanner for the photographic and graphics arts industry. The new scanner brings features from the Flextight 848 scanner to the mid-range market. The Flextight 646 incorporates a 3x8000 optic CCD sensor and a non-interpolated optical resolution of 80 dpi to 6300 dpi. The scanner can handle positive or negative originals from 35mm to 12xl7cm for film flexibility. The 646 is able to scan up to 40MB per minute and offers 8 or 16 bit TIFF files with true 16-bit color depth and 4.6 Dmax possible in a single pass. Manufacturer: Imacon

Cooke Optics Limited ( has released a Cooke lens made for largeformat photography. The new Cooke Portrait PS945 lens, a f/4.5, 229mm lens made for 4x5 format photography, is a modern version of the rare 60-year-old Pinkham & Smith Visual Quality Series IV lens. This new lens offers exactly the same visual characteristics as the original but uses modern multicoated glass, corrected for all current film types, black/white and color, and is mounted in Copal 3 shutter. Manufacturer: Cooke Optics Limited