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JENOPTIK announced recently that its eyelike MF, one of the more versatile digital backs in the marketplace, is now available in three versions: the MF One-Shot+, Four-Shot+, and MF Scan, which combines all features. All three backs have connectivity with the Mac via a PCI-card and cable or the new "eyelike-to-go" module with FireWire. The + sign stands for the MF's built-in hardware antimoire feature, which makes it the ideal back for high-res still photography. MF models are upgradeable to the next level or to the full-featured MF Scan version.
Manufacturer: Jenoptik

MINOLTA recently introduced the DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO film scanner, a multi-format, dual interface, compact film scanner offering high-res 4,800 dpi scans with 16-bit A/D conversion and a 4.8 dynamic range. With precision autofocus, Color Matching System, glassless Universal Holder, and enhanced batch scanning capability, the Scan Multi Pro delivers high-quality images and increases workflow efficiency. Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICE3 technology eliminates scratches on film and slides, restores faded colors, and minimizes grain during the scanning process. The scanner accommodates 35mm and medium-format films; optional Multi Format Set enables scanning of Transparent Electronic Microscope film, 24x65mm panoramic format, etc.
Manufacturer: Minolta Corporation
announces their model CD30 cord. The Quantum Turbo Battery supplies high voltage for the 550EX flash and low voltage for the Canon D30 digital camera. Its flash recycle is quick—1.25 seconds for a full power flash—and you'll never be caught without power for the D30. The Turbo's high capacity and "fuel gauge" LED monitor keep you up and running. To power both the camera and the flash, use a Quantum "Dual" connector QT48 with Turbo Cables CD30 and CZ. For the camera only, use just the CD30 cable.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments, Inc
presents the Professional DCS 720x, a 2-megapixel digital camera that's tops in variable-condition, low-light, in-the-field shooting. Based on the Nikon F5 camera body, the DCS 720x combines the highest ISO settings—400 to 6400 (calibrated to 4000)—with two-stop push for exposures at up to 25,600 and features that enhance and simplify the most critical location photography. It features a faster burst rate, 4.3 fps, and a greater burst depth, 25 images, with a rapid shutter response speed. Kodak's "Picture Protection" package includes post-shot exposure compensation, white balance corrections, and file recovery. Direct email transmission over Web-enabled phones will be available by year-end.
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak
revolutionized pro video and filmmaking with its digital-format XL1 camcorder—and it's doing it again with the Canon XLIS. Keeping all the features of its predecessor—magnesium alloy body, interchangeable lens system, 3 CCD image sensors, and pixel shift technology—the new model has 27 new specs, all of which enhance picture quality and ease of use.
Among the new features: zoom speed levers, automatic shut off for extended downtime, custom keys for favorite features, redesigned menu button and selection, index mark for the best of multiple takes, "off" default for data display, and adjustable color saturation for viewfinder images. New lenses add to the XL1S and XL1 experience.
Manufacturer: Canon U.S.A.